Lady Gaga demonstrates how you can be an Influencer

Yesterday the TweetTwins shared at the National Speakers Association workshop series here in Auckland on how the new way of doing business is here now and not something coming soon. That the data stream is flowing at full force in your face, that the information highway….wow that is a throw back term! has become 1,000 highways going in every direction.

One comment I made was how once upon a time broadcasters and advertisers told us what was popular, Governments told us what is acceptable, who we can talk to, magazines just shout at us, newspapers would allow select few who write Letters To The Editor to be published and get their point and message across.

Today YOU and I determine what is important, popular, relevant, famous and successful.

This is aptly demonstrated with one of the music world’s fashionista and artists who dominates online and the music world. You might have heard of her and dismissed her as a just another singer. For many she is a young talented and loved artist called of Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga

Mum I want to buy a new outfit just like Lady Gaga

She is thought provoking, captivating, loved by millions, provocative, sexual and challenging the status quo. Lady Gaga is leading a generation of virtual citizens and fans. and probably your children.  She is adored and appreciated by the public and the industry.  Last week she did a sweep of  the music Awards in Hollywood. She is the Tiger Woods of the music world but without the shame.

Ladies and Gentleman, Lady Gaga has the ears of millions, she sets fashion trends, girls the world over copy her fashion sense and make up styles. On the 16 September 2010 Lady Gaga posted a video on YouTube that describes her concern about the USA Government’s “Don’t Ask” Dont Tell” policy as it relates to gay military personnel.

She is not gyrating on a stage, showing some sexual stance, or performing in her underwear. No Sir, Lady Gaga is business like, to the point and has a message about a Government policy that affects 1,000s. She is the voice of millions. She can fill any concert hall she cares to perform in. When Lady Gaga speaks millions take notice, and by all accounts she actually makes a lot of sense on the whole from what this writer has read and seen.

Now whether you agree or not in regards to homosexuality is not what this post is about, so don’t shoot the messenger, (thats the TweetTwins or Lady Gaga). What you need to consider is this.

Within 3 days almost 1,000,000 YouTube viewers have viewed this message as of writing this post. Notice also how many times the video has already be copied and REPOSTED. Probably by the time I go to bed tonite it will easily be over 1,000,000. Can you imagine the number of viewers who have seen this video by the end of September, December.

Notice the group Lady Gaga states that she is speaking on behalf of at 2.10 minute. Lady Gaga as an American citizen has a global audience, she could arrive in any city around the world and be the lead TV story, every journalist would glamour for an interview and every airport security plan would be implemented due to the fans waiting to greet her.  Do you think the US Senators would receive the same attention if they arrived in your city…highly doubtful I would say.

My point is that there is a new generation of influencers and new ways YOU can be an influencer. Now keep this point in mind it has cost ZERO $$$$ for Lady Gaga to share her message and whilst I do not have the stats, it can be reliably assumed that she has had an influence and others have followed her call to action.

Understanding the way the new communication and influence network operates is crucial if you wish to grow your brand, create your business, influence others and find hungry buyers for your services and products.

The Information Highway has now become the Communication Highway, the Influence Highway, The Connected Highway, The Following Highway, there are on and off ramps at every mouse clicks.  Entertainment at every corner, turn a corner an you literally can be in another world.

And as Jim Reeves once crooned… Welcome to My World….you Little Monsters (Lady Gag byline for her fans)

By the way Lady Gaga (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) is the most popular and searched for woman on the Internet  at 85,900,000

FOOT NOTE: As I knew would happen, there have now been 1,242,930 million visitors by the time I went to bed.  Would you you like even 1% of this traffic in 3 days to your video? If so then become relevant, loved and respected by your Little Monsters and they will follow and listen.

Posted by Kevin Andreassend, Tweet Twins Founder and Managing Director of NZ based technology company ICE AV Technology and creator of The HoloDesk

One thought on “Lady Gaga demonstrates how you can be an Influencer

  1. Roberta says:

    Thanks for presenting. You overwhelmed the attendees with the amount of information you presented. I look forward to working with you both as we become influencers. Thanks for all your effort Kevin

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