Your Digital Strategy

You are probably in the journey we started. That of setting up your profiles and trying to makes sense of how the different parts of digital work together. We got to the point of generating enquiries regularly and finding the mix that works.

BUT there is more to it than that. The digital landscape changes frequently. You need really good foundations of Marketing & a Strategy that tunes into our ideal client’s mindset, engages & will produce an income for you & a Website  with market relevance, conversion & keeps Google happy. It is impossible to build a presence without your thinking and contribution to these.


So with the Digital Strategy together find the missing pieces in your current situation, I’ll evaluate where things are at right now, we build your Marketing Strategy then the Digital Strategy of which platforms, strategies and tactics, Content, Lead Generation, Email, ways to create efficiency and to test and measure the outcomes for optimised results.

An evaluation of your current scenario and your Digital Marketing plan will be from $2500.

You’ll have a plan that you can use daily or you can pass on to someone to implement (me or someone else).

Based on your objectives, I’ll recommend a strategy, be it for a lead generation or brand building or any other vital business outcome. The plan is written so you know who you will tailor your content and promos for. How you will convey your uniqueness, what types of content you need to post that your market will enjoy. How often to post & when.  You’ll know what types of promotions & campaigns to run and when. You will know which tools to use that save time and energy. Plus you will know what to look for to measure, & monitor results & tweak the implementation activities.



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