Ideas Portfolio

More soon! I know you’d like to see if I can do what you have in mind

…so in the meantime I’ll get things sorted! [Wow, cleaning up this website of its 70 or so pages and 200 or so blog posts, feels like  a massive ‘moving house’ experience!]

So to get ideas for your ‘what shall I do with my digital marketing’ questions, have a look at these case studies. They are what I most enjoyed being part of or connected with. See them as windows into what could be possible for your business:

  • The $4.2 million lead when the world said there was no such thing as Social Media ROI
  • The zero cost influencer marketing innovation campaign that yielded its earliest sales from U2, Britney Spiers & Deadmau5
  • Laptops for Christchurch: the unpublished story of how Auckland & UK businesses crowd sourced 400 laptops in 4 days for 400 businesses in earthquake stricken Christchurch, New Zealand. Due to overwhelinng rapid response on this,  a government department silenced news releases on this
  • Being in 2 global video marketing team who worked out how to get videos onto Google P1, repeatedly
  • Working hard to help not for profits and businesses for next to nothing. Promoting LinkedIn’s worth to the world, before anyone else in NZ did, then LinkedIn inviting me to be among their recognized few
  • Providing a Social Media Strategy, Onboarding Strategy & Video Marketing Strategy to refresh a failing IT brand
  • Creating a Social Media Policy & Guidelines, Social Media Policy & Guidelines Manual and Roll Out notes for a family run 500 employee company
  • Getting an industry association ready for its part in the Rugby World Cup
  • Building and supporting LinkedIn and Facebook group community  growth
  • Critiquing website, Social Networking (LinkedIn), Social Media and video marketing presence
  • Getting a final placement in a Mobile Marketing Award
  • Pioneering in NZs local marketing
  • Pioneering Social Media when high profile brands & restaurants thought Facebook was a ‘low class, cheap and nasty’ marketing stunt, and LinkedIn was unheard of in most of NZ’s  business community
  • Many Speaking engagements, webinars & speaker panel on topics like Social Media ROI, Social Media Internal Comms & Social Media Networking (Social Networking for Business), Content Marketing & Strategy, Trends, Local / Social / Mobile / Video Marketing, Digital /Marketing Mistakes and Fixing them
  • Digital Training in the digital strategy & the marketing mix with platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, WordPress, Video Marketing, Webinars, Slideshare, Online PR, Measurement & Monitoring, Integrating Tools etc etc

Hop on over to or fill out this form to get started with me:

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