Movies for a Coffee Break

I thought I would bring you what I call a Coffee Break Movie. Interesting movies that deliver a different perspective on and about life.

If you are familiar with computer code and platforms you will know of .net, java. However for a large majority of folk, they have no idea of these two code sets and who are the companies that own them. Now java and net for those that are not aware, are a crucial element to your social media experience, they sit in the background doing their stuff so that you can connect, follower, build relationships, watch online movies and all those other activities we engage in.

However there is a sinister underground culture  that is captured in this mini movie. Ladies and Gentleman I present a movie full of dysfunctional family attitudes, love and romance, secrets and discovery, freedom of expression, heartache, sudden death …wow I never knew so much of life’s drama could occur in 3.15 minutes. Enjoy your Coffee Break Movie….you do have a coffee in your hand don’t you?

JavaZone the movie

A new way of life is coming that will divide families, corporations, nations. Relationships will be changed for ever.

Posted by Kevin Andreassend, Tweet Twins co-Founder and Managing Director of NZ based technology company ICE AV Technology and creator of The HoloDesk


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