Your Marketing Strategy


Some of the early signs that you may need a Marketing Strategy are:

  • Your Target Market has changed or you are uncertain where or how to find them
  • Your branding needs a refresh
  • Feeling unclear about your uniqueness and why someone should do business with you?
  • Need for growth for lifestyle reasons or competitive market activity is rising
  • You are in Business Start Up phase
  • Wanting to morph to a new business model
  • Competitor activity is increasing & it really concerns you
  • Market opportunities using current strategies & tactics are shrinking
  • Digital has changed so much and it is time to review all marketing
  • Pricing strategies aren’t working and you are losing profits
  • You want a more efficient way to run your marketing
  • You have so many ideas that they rush around your head. You want t structure and clarity
  • You recall how much time you wasted last year and you want to bust your goals with great productivity & results
  • you have specific marketing challenges you want to resolve strategically


So I can fill you in and get your started with solving your marketing challenges and get your Marketing Planning started…let’ set up a 90 minute session together for $225


Email me on or with the

Subject line ‘Requesting your Marketing Plan Help Please’

and in the message please add

  • all your contact details
  • an ideal time to call you
  •  your #1 marketing challenge
  • your #1 burning question to ask me

Thanks heaps!


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