Twitter Best Practices

Though this is not the thorough Twitter best practice guideline, it is a reminder of what we can all be doing better:

* follow others – keep a similar numbers of followers and following
* use DM for your idle chit chat (the ‘what you ate for breakfast’ category)
* use the Twitter stream for the relevant content you want to enrich others with
* avoid selling without high quality relationships
* mix content styles: links, comment on others’ info, your thoughts, variety of urls, no duplicate tweets, retweets, quotes
* be regular in adding content
* interact with others. If you do so publicly you will be more visible to others’ networks – leverage it
* create original content
* interact
* use the search tool to find those who need your services
* mix automation with human interaction, but never use total automation
* integrate into other Social Media platforms

What else do you think can be added to the list?

Written by Jenny Wilmshurst, Tweet Twins Social Media, Social Media Consulting, Social Media Strategy, Social Media Implementation, Social Media Training


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