Video Marketing SEO

Yes, you’ve heard how video is all around us and is oh so VERY effective!

Our videos can easily be our 24/7 sales people!


You know how YouTube is an absolute powerhouse for video marketing and ranking?

You see Facebook Videos hitting the roof topping view ranks! Plus video are easy to set up & Facebook.You’ve enjoyed them so much – have you shared them as well?

Maybe you have even heard of Vimeo & Daily Motion? It’s what some Marketers & Video Producers use instead of or as complementary to their YouTube marketing.

You’ve possibly heard how Instagram now allows videos onsite?

You’ve heard the rise of Live Streaming on Periscope, Meerkat & Blab. Facebook, Vine and how new internet celebrities are creed through these.

Probably you also heard of the 15 second wonder called Snapchat.


Whew ! such a roundup may even have your head spinning! Too many choices!

Each of these have their own purposes in a Video Marketing Strategy to get your message and branding out there…

The one thing that is still true –  that there is still a VITAL place for SEO in Video Marketing.

Since 2011, I’ve been within teams experimenting and creating tried and true methods to rank videos in YouTube, and ranking videos on Google Page 1. These methods will work in other video platforms.

What I see is that is lacking in the Video Marketing arena:

  • marketers put a lot of effort into ONE video, very little marketing to promote it, and expect it to do a lot of grunt work, only to get few results. It is a bit like expecting a spade to do the job of an earth moving machine – a mismatch of expectations and outcomes!
  • producers often ignore parts or all of the marketing elements
  • they are not aware of the SEO needs of  video and will upload it for a client with no knowledge or for thought to leveraging its marketing beyond high  production values
  • marketers believe they have done the right thing by their clients when their video ranks on YouTube (UNLESS Google decides to display the video on their search engine the likelihood of seeing it is diminished)
  • it is MUCH harder to rank on Google for videos.
  • our teams have seen multiple videos uploaded with the same SEO methodology we developed, are somewhat random in their ability to rank on Google
  • we have seen also that certain methodologies we designed, are MORE LIKELY to rank than others

What does that mean for business owners, project managers and marketers like you?:

  • there are vital missing video marketing & video SEO elements in your marketing
  • you are missing out on huge opportunities to leverage your video
  • the video is less findable, has less views
  • that means less enquiries and less sales
  • it is fixable!

What one thing will really change outcomes?:

  • Let’s assume your video is well produced, is highly relevant to you ideal client, shares such valuable information they’ll fall in love with your brand, it has a call to action and has all the tools in place to take enquiries…
  • You need the video SEO’ed

So how do you come into this Jenny?:

  • I’d like to give you a Video SEO service
  • Here is the scoop on the package ( to follow soon!)