LinkedIn Fix It – Profile Duplicates

LinkedIn Fix It- LinkedIn Profile Duplicates! uh oh!

Oh no! You discover you have 2 or more LinkedIn profiles!

how did you get Profile Duplicates?

When duplicates are an accident it is because out in the market place are multiple email addresses for contacting you (old workplaces, personal email addresses, former and current business email addresses). However in the back end of your profile only 1 or 2 are listed. If anyone tries to connect with you using an email not listed then LinkedIn creates a new profile account for you.

deliberate LinkedIn Profile Duplicates?

Or you know you have more than 1 profile because you deliberately opened more than 1. Each has many hundreds or thousands of connections, a number of recommendations, content and more.  You regard these as business assets freely available for leverage.

Oh, so, probably you didn’t know that LinkedIn could shut down all or any of them – just like that!?

the massive problem of LinkedIn Profile Duplicates?

The more LinkedIn content and connections on your duplicate profiles,  the bigger the problem grows. LinkedIn refers people to connect with you on all of those accounts.

The bigger it grows the more time it takes to resolve. Then the more expensive the fix. It is  like the leak in a roof or rust in the car. You can’t ignore it. When you do, it’s a problem that just grows bigger and you wish you’d sorted it out when it was a small problem.

let’s fix this problem of LinkedIn Profile Duplicates?

So NOW is the best time to resolve it. This is a problem I love to fix. Pass it on to me.

Without seeing the problem I can tell you that it will cost at least $NZ300 to fix.

Email me with the Subject line Fix my LinkedIn Duplicate Profile please?

After this please call me on Skype jenny.wilmshurst to talk through your needs

Ask me for a quote and supply the urls for all your supplicate profiles.