We are on the wave of change

The Tweet Twins have been pondering over the changes happening in the way we communicate, interact, do business, find customers, engage with others and how to convey and help others manage and cope with this.  Sometimes these changes seem to be subtle and suddenly before you know it, the strange becomes normal,  as if though it is always the way we have done it. This year I have printed maybe 30 pages at the very max, despite having 4 printers and immersing into a digital world key strok by key stroke.  Andy over at www.on.co.nz showed us a video that encapsulates the changes happening around us. It is well worth viewing and it kinda makes you sit up and take notice.

How are you coping with this changing way we communicate and engage with each other. Are you still stuck in  a time warp, wondering about all the Social Media stuff. Do you think it actually pushes us further apart and are we loosing other skills and practices.  We would be interested in your thoughts.

Gary Vanerchuk delivers a raw message to hit you between the eyes because he cares.

Gary Vanerchuck will challenge your mindset like a direct injection.

Gary Vanerchuck will challenge your mindset like a direct injection.

Gary Vanerchuk talks about chasing your passion and creating brand equity.
One for not giving S%$t about what you think, he knows the deal and has a passion for enabling people’s passion. Building the WineTV show to a $US50,000,000 turnover Gary understands the reality of social media in the real word. The language is raw, the insight is rare, so join Gary in the trenches and he will expose some B*l$#@it and compel you to build your brand online.

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