Course: Gamification in Business

 Gamification in Business Infographics Jenny Wilmshurst

Gamification in Business – Get Leads & Sales From Gamification

~ How to Engage Your Prospects & Customers and Encourage Them to Take Action through Game Elements

  • Have you been wondering how to bust through the Marketing busy-ness and clutter?
  • Do you want to explore a modern, fun way to market your business that combines market research, lead generation, customer loyalty & sales?
  • Want to use competitions, quizzes, challenges, badges, points, levels, leaderboards,  in your marketing? but you are not sure how it fits together?
  • Do you feel like you are doing everything to make your business interesting for prospects & customers but are just not getting the level of interaction & engagement you’d like?
  • Would you like a fun way for prospects & customers to get to know you and your business?
  • Do you want to make your brand more memorable to prospects & customers?
  • Have you heard of gamification and wondered if it was a waste of time or or not?
  • Are you wanting ideas and strategies you need to set up Gamification in your Business?
  • Wishing you could put a gamification strategy together that will make getting to the sale easier?

Do you Want to add some excitement & fun to engage your prospects & customers?

Why Does Your Business Need Gamification?

It’s because engaging prospects and customers has become harder and harder to achieve.

People are used to seeing the same old thing on the web and they’re bored with it. It’s difficult to stand out and grab their attention.

It’s also a big challenge to get people to take action, whether it’s to complete a simple survey, read your blog posts or email, to read the downloads you gifted them,  or to implement a new skill, or buying products and services you KNOW will solve their problem.

So business owners who have been able to inject elements of games into different parts of their business have seen a big increase across the board. They use competitions, badges, points, levels, leaderboards, challenges, quizzes. All these elements of games tap into people’s natural desire to compete, and have some fun while they’re at it.

If you use even one of the gamification tactics in your business, you’ll see your lead generation, conversion rates, and customer retention skyrocket!

In this course I can give you the ideas and strategies you need in Gamification in Business. You’ll be discovering a variety of ways they can use gamification for market research, lead generation, and customer loyalty.

Want to Learn How to add Pzazz, Fun & Interactivity to your Business or Online Presence?

Who doesn’t want  bit of fun online?!

I bet your clients want it too!

I’m keen to share ideas, tools on this so you can have it too!

That is why I’m giving you the opportunity to be part of this self serve training that is delivered online so you can do it when it suits you.

By teaching you how to put together your first gamification campaign,  you’ll be engaging your prospects & customers to encourage them to take action through game elements. These will move your business forward. Your brand will be even more memorable and attractive to prospects and customers!That brings you sales opportoutnies.

This course is short enough to use it with your busy working life. Yet powerful enough to help you solve the business problem.

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Early Bird Course Enrollment Price Closes 1 April 2016

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What’s in ‘Gamification in Business’?

Course Modules

The Course Modules, Worksheets, Checklists & Infographics in this course will help you create a strategy for an interactive experience for prospects & customers.

Gamification in Business Coursebook Jenny Wilmshurst

There are 5 Modules in the Course Book plus a Conclusion to Maximize your Strategic Next Steps:

  • Introduction to Gamification in Business: You’ll learn what gamification is and how it can help you engage your own prospects and clients in different areas of  your business – no matter what size business you have
  • Gamification for Market Research: You’ll discover how you can gamify your surveys and market research tools to get higher participation, so that you can gather more and higher quality information for better target marketing
  • Gamification Principles for Lead Generation: You’ll see opportunity to use a variety of tactics for adding game elements for fast lead generation, such as quizzes, social media contests, and challenges. No fancy tech skills required!
  • Gamification for Customer Engagement and Loyalty: We’ll explore the most popular ways for using gamification elements for keeping customers highly engaged, seeing results, and repeatedly coming back for more. Your current customers are your best customers.
  • Create Your Gamification Strategy: You’ll walk step-by-step, through creating a strategy for implementing one gamification campaign in your business, so that you can start seeing results from what you learn right away.
  • Conclusion and Next Steps: Finally, you’ll review what you’ve covered. This will reinforce what you learn.You’ll be guided  through creating an action plan for the steps you’ll take next, so that you’ll be ready to jump right into your first gamification campaign.

On Sale for a Limited Time – Buy Now $97 (or $279 with 1:1 for 90 minutes + course)

Early Bird Course Enrollment Price Closes 1 April 2016 11.59 am

– then rises to $147 & $327

Course Release Date by 9 April 2016

The Package – Exactly what you’ll get in the Gamification in Business Course:

  • Gamification in Business Videos – of the Course (a $77 value)
  • Gamification in Business – Course Book (40+ pages), which gives you  all the information you need for learning how to implement gamification in your business and marketing strategies (a $77 value)
  • Workbook which you can use alongside the activities outlined in the book. It is designed so you can take action and get results (a $27 value)
  • Summary Checklist which covers all the key points of the course book, so you have a quick reference guide You’ll love this! (a $27 value)
  • 2 Infographics –to visually explain the best practices and mistakes to avoid in gamification
  • 5 Graphics that summarise essential concepts, used in the course book. It is ideal if you are a visual learner
  • 25 Gamification Ideas and 8 Examples – which provides you with multiple ideas to spark your imagination (this alone is worth what you pay for the course!)
  • List of Online Tools  – so you don’t have to spend hours on Google looking for tools.(priceless – there are absolute gems in here!)

On Sale for a Limited Time – Buy Now $97 (or $279 with 1:1 for 90 minutes + course)

Early Bird Course Enrollment Price Closes 1 April 2016 11.59am NZ

– then rises to $147 & $327


Course Release Date by 9 April 2016

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Your Investment

As you can see, Jenny Wilmshurst’s training products pack in a lot of value.

That’s because as as digital, business planning and marketing specialist  since the late 70’s, and  delivering online and offline training starting in 2008, I deliver top-notch material for you.

I save you time, so you don’t have to spend months to research the topic before taking action. Everything in this course is designed to make it so much easier for you to plan, use shortcuts to clarity, make well-considered business decisions, and then move you to action. In this course and with its resources, I narrow down the key points, outline a logical flow, design decision making / learning activities, deliver the written and video content, develop worksheets and checklists.

You can earn more money, work fewer hours, and get results in your market.

All for significantly less than hiring me as a consultant or a coach, or muddling along, trying to figure it all out on your own.

You are welcome to take this course AND hire time with me to get 1:1 help & answers to your pressing questions

On Sale for a Limited Time – Buy Now $97 (or $279 with 1:1 for 90 minutes + course)

Early Bird Course Enrollment Closes 1 April 2016 11.59am NZ

– then rises to $147 & $327

 Course Release Date by 9 April 2016