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I’d like you to make contact so this can be a two way street. I want to know about you, your business and look for solutions to business problems using Social Media and online marketing. The essence of my background is that I want to help you build your web presence and am one of the earliest of the kudos-qualified in the world, as I’ve experienced milestones so few in the Social Media and online world have. I want to use that background to help you achieve what you want to online.

So what this means to you is that I have wealth of experience from mistakes, research, exploration, test and measure that you can tap into. Unlike my competitors I’d walked the talk before offering any services. Unlike competitors I did not bluff my way through Social Media success (oh my there are many who have and still do!).

After pioneering digital marketing, co- leading social media’s uptake, implementing successful B2B Professional Services strategies for 2 businesses since 2005, plus being a volunteer ambassador for LinkedIn Marketing, LinkedIn nominated me for THE MOST PRESTIGIOUS global B2B version of the Oscars. I am among the original 250 nominated LinkedIn Influencers.

When you can choose the services of a B2B Oscar, 13 years’ B2B  Professional Marketing Services experience, why would you choose to use someone with only 1, 2, 5 , 7 years or even 10 years of online experience? Book in time with me here or click on

Jenny Wilmshurst - Social Media Consultant, Social Media Speaker

I love being entrenched amidst a particularly special group of people. I network in the Social Media community among a unique group of pioneering NZ business consultants – among those who cross over between Social Media, online and offline specialties, integrated into marketing planning.  Primarily my consulting is in Social Media (engagement & traffic generating strategies & implementation) , yet it also draws upon consulting from  distribution systems (franchise, licensing etc), business/marketing planning and market research.

As a client, or a potential client, I really want to share with you to empower your Social Media journey: for you to learn more and more about how to take on Social Media for yourself after I work on developing your strategy then get leads & brand awareness. The earliest part of my consulting with you will be getting to know your business and market so that I can get ready for the best ways forward for you to use Social Media & online marketing. I like to take a thorough, well thought through, planned approach that integrates Social Media strategy with your business, marketing and online objectives.

My role & contribution to Tweet Twins is in end to end Marketing & Digital: marketing & Social Media Strategy development, Policies & Implementation; Coordinating the strategy; online marketing / Social Media research & market analysis; finding & initiating brand building opportunities; LinkedIn Marketing, FB posts, content creative; Social Media Setup / Engagement / Management /Monitoring / Analytics; Webinar & Campaign work, Events (developing and delivering public speaking engagements to the marketing industry, developing and delivering workshops & seminars for online and offline delivery); Facilitating networking & JV opportunities, BDM, networking online & offline; Opportunity assessment & Opportunity Data base building; proposals;Done for You Marketing & Digital service delivery.

EDIT 2018: In the earliest Tweet Twins days the creative aspects of the early blog content writing, course creation, the early presentations & video production was in kahouts with my sidekick Kevin. The partnership drifted apart many years ago as Kevin’s business focus changed away from Social Media & primarily into innovation.

In Social Media Long, Long Before Oprah & Kutcher, the Media Hype & ‘me-toos’

Starting in the early days of the net I was dabbling in online marketing. I was first introduced to online marketing as one of Microsoft’s early marketers and email users (late 1980’s).

My Local Marketing Digital experience began in 2005, when we bought a business that required me to discover shoestring budget marketing methods. It ramped up results super fast. Apparently I was using Kaizen methods (and didn’t know it), but I called it ‘tweak everything in this business by at least 1% and get 50-100% improvement in results’. Plus the Personalisation techniques I used worked a treat! EDIT 2018: Over a decade and a half later since using that tactic, Personalisationis one of THE top digital skills!

In 2008, long, long before NZ Social Media’s May 2009 media hype and rise to popularity I was using Social Media for business. EDIT 2018: I launched into Social Media without a business partner. Some say I am a visionary (Brett O’ Riley, former head of the influential business NGO ATEED). After researching the market I dreamt of & hoped for an efficient, engaged, lead generating business life for all by using Social Media. It was like seeing beyond seeing. Vision beyond vision. A big step of faith beyond faith.

An Auckland Social Media Pioneer? Yes.  Only about 2 boutique Social Media consultants in Auckland existed back then! Plus a few web geeks, graphic designers, a customer services person, a digital entrepreneur, a few branding buffs, and a PR focussed Social Media husband and wife team. Our Tweetups were a 5 or 10 person event! Now it is affectionately known as #smakl – the Auckland Social Media Club with attendances of about 200 – 300 per get together, usually in Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour.

Each Tweet Twins partner was active and successful in using Social Media for business long before Social Media became the celeb’ new fan tool, the media’s flavour of the year, or business’ Revolution of the Decade.

For integrity’s sake I regard it as important that before anyone mentors, trains, consults you, that they have walked the talk. I’ve certainly done that.  Which NZ or even global speakers on Social Media or Social Media consultants can claim these achievements?:

 My Uniqueness in Pioneering Social Media circles  – globally

Time and time again, from the outset, my Social Media thought leadership and experience leadership. I have modeled the results all B2B Businesses want. In other words the Strategy, Marketing Mix & Tactics worked. The end result is a B2B Professional Services strategy that fully met the objectives:

*  I was nominated by LinkedIn for their original 250 global LinkedIn Influencers (it’s the B2B version of an Oscar nomination)

* Tweet Twins’ experience includes generating one  of the world’s earliest, largest Social Media leads. You could say I was among NZ’s first Social Media lead generation specialists

* Tweet Twins’ experience:  I am associated with the launch of a tech product yielding first clients like U2, Britney Spiers and Deadmau5 through influencer marketing

* Was the first to offer solid strategic business planning foundations to Social Media consulting

* Was the first to offer Social Media training in NZ

* Was NZ’s first LinkedIn trainer

* Focus on Social Media Strategy to maximise tools. Not tactically focussed, but strategy first so we can execute effective tactics

* Understand the impact and influence of Social Media on the Corporate environment. My mantra: Social Media is not the Marketing Add-on but a change management shift. It is more than marketing.  Social Media is for all business divisions. That led me to do corporate work in developing Social Media Policies and essential onboarding consulting and associated manuals, strategy and implementation planning.

* Values are focussed on Social Media holistically and in context to the market environment

You remember reading about my 80’s experience with digital & my business growth experience of 2005 & beyond.

Since the early 2009, Kevin and I developed a business partnership to deliver Social Media consulting and training. The market did not know what Social Media was. We had to educate them before they’d secure any digital services. The partnership is The Tweet Twins with Kevin Andreassend and myself. Kevin’s experience is in selling and exporting innovative, leading edge interactive technology, 100% through using Social Media plus other online tools. This very technology is leading Social Media Web 4.0 so Tweet Twins is at the helm of this new interactive technology. These results would have to put the Tweet Twins head and shoulders above every Social Media marketer in NZ and many globally.

This leading edge interactive technology use differentiates us compared to any other Social Media training or Social Media consulting organisation in New Zealand and possbily in the Southern Hemisphere.  Certainly each Tweet Twins teaching Social Media experience from using Social Media in-the -trenches in non Social Media businesses is unique among those in Social Media training and consulting. Therefore we use case studies of our own. It is so rare for NZ Social Media consultancies to have case studies of their own. So Tweet Twins is a consultancy borne of action  and experience.

Formally trained/qualified in advertising & marketing over a 5 year period – late 70’s to 80’s. Formally qualified with Distinction in e-Marketing  in late 2008. Intensive research, experimentation and implementation since, especially non Social Media and its ability to optimise in combination with SEO.

My e-marketing 1. Tech Spec and Design Brief template and 2. e-Strategy and Website Critique templates are sought by the Marketing Association of NZ for the benefit of e-marketing students and their future work. I have decided not release this IP.

In late 2008 I won a finalist placement in the Geosmart Location Innovation Awards – Social Media category. This was one of the few female entries and among the even fewer Gen X cusp boomer entries. The necessary fundamental needs to develop this service are not yet accessible to develop the project.

Here are a few more examples of technology innovation, advertising, marketing & Social Media:
Since my earlier working days my involvement in technology innovation and its connection with advertising and marketing has been at the forefront. It has some well branded organisations.

* late 1970’s – participated in the change from hot metal to cold type & computerised publishing in 2 organisations (1 corporate NZ, 1 well-known SME in the UK – leadership level and hands on implementation)
* late 1980’s – was part of the marketing team that brought Microsoft, Adobe and PageMaker to NZ before Microsoft and these other brands established corporate NZ presence
* was one of the first 8 people to use email in NZ  (late 1980’s) prior to public release (courtesy of Microsoft)
* early adopter of Mac & Microsoft WYSIWYG technologies
* early 2000’s – began in online marketing learning from the internet ‘godfathers’. Exposed to brand  and lead generation oriented online marketing & affiliate marketing, traffic generation tools, online thought leadership.
* Project managed the development of market research health sector software to enabled delivery of  psyhchographic and demographic medical market research data. The research data was used to form the foundation of the NZ Ministry of Health’s NZ Immunisation Health Strategy. It is stringently peer reviewed (a medical fraternity requirement), published internationally and cited in many places. The data has been repurposed for multiple research projects since.

Other consulting work:

* from the late 1990’s through to recent years – successful hands on start-up development, business growth and business planning work. More recently leading to franchise consulting with one of NZ’s 2 leading franchise consultancies
* was a consultant delivering a NZ Trade & Enterprise contract to SME’s

I am published in several online and offline sources.

Environments I have worked in include advertising agency (DDB’s J Inglis Wright for clients such as Rank Xerox, Colgate, Ford, Dow Chemicals), media and client side; corporate, SME; consultant. Sectors I have consulted or worked in connection with are diverse – B2B, B2C, from retailers, manufacturers, telecommunications & IT, professional services, commercial & residential services, local government, NGO, Not For Profit/cause marketing, agricultural, medical, packaging.

Tertiary qualified? Yes – with 5 years’ study in advertising, marketing, PR 1978-1982, 1987 at ATI;  plus Cert e-Marketing (Distinction) 2008.

My attitude is entrepreneurial and explorative. I am atypical for a Gen X cusp Boomer. I am an adopted Gen C.

I look forward to meeting you in the near future. Would you like to arrange it now?

Contact details:

Ph 021 1221 541

(as the Tweet Twins brand has ceased this gmail address is the only email to contact me through)

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