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Have a read about Tweet Twins’ services, then ask for Jenny of Tweet Twins to handle your online marketing.

Ask us to help you to develop your business’ online capabilities.

Full Services include:

  • LinkedIn Profile & Company Page critique and improvement or set up
  • Facebook Ad Campaigns and Monthly  content planning and updating service
  • Video creation
  • Online & Social Media Mentoring – tap into my brain for an hour or more per month! So that you can solve your marketing / online marketing problems
  • Group and individual social media training, social media workshops to upskill you and your business to help you learn to do it for yourself. It can range from how to set up a blog, finding just the right productivity tools for you to setting up, producing and using media (e.g. video, music, slides), Social Media engagement
  • Website & blog/vlog tech specs and design brief – this will save you time and effort amid the technical maze. You will minimize the risk of getting caught out by not knowing what you need to know, that web developers may assume you know!
  • Website and Blog/vlog Critique – a technical, design and online marketing oriented analysis that paves the way for the foundation of an effective online marketing strategy
  • Website Project Management – thinking about redeveloping your website or starting again from scratch. We can project manage this on your behalf, taking care of the details while you manage your business and give input on the most important aspects of the development.
  • Online Strategy – tell us all about the challenges and aspirations you have for your online marketing. We will come up with online strategies and concepts to compliment and integrate with your current marketing. What Tweet Twins can do is develop a marketing strategy and utilize these mediums to engage your fans and followers so they feel like we are talking TO them and not shouting marketing messages AT them.  BIG difference.
  • Social Media implementation – we prefer to empower you to build your Social Media activity. Despite this we can do what you have no time for: be it your blog, SEO, video, keeping your Social Media links regularly active. We will work to build links for you using Social Media. It is preferable that you build your engagement so your own personality comes across to your community. Some call this Social Media Optimisation. Tweet Twins will set up profiles or pages for your business on the relevant sites.  We will help with tweets or posts on your behalf with relevant information geared to increase your fans and followers and generate traffic to your site. We will grow your following and fan base with QUALIFIED consumers – not empty numbers.  We search for geographically desirable consumers who are talking about your industry or products and invite them to follow you for offers, news and specials.  By growing your base of followers and fans, and the interaction with them, you grow your ability to communicate and generate interest!
  • Regular Website Content Management – we can update, write and create additional regular website content for you. These could be articles, video, audio, slides or more challenging online media and content.
  • Video and audio interviews, recording and production – whether your needs are for a one-off creation or a series, we know how effective the use of these tools will be in building your product, service or brand’s reputation and trust factors with your prospects. It is one of the most engaging tools available right now. There are only a few NZ Social Media consultants with the depth and length of experience in producing quality audio and video available as Tweet Twins has (30 years). This experience was learnt on the street well before the internet ever existed.
  • Social Media ROI tool To solve the problems of estimating ROI and tweaking campaigns, we now recommend the use of a specific brand of Social Media ROI tool. This tool is based on well founded financial modelling principles and Social Media industry benchmarks. As it is customisable to specific client needs, and undergoes upgrades to meet market demand. Quality brands are impressed by this tool.
  • Video Marketing SEO – using the same principles as web SEO, there are unique aspects that few know or practice. Jenny has spent much time since 2011 in global mastermind testing innovative and advanced Video SEO techniques. Whether for local marketing or I can handle your Video SEO work.
  • Video Production for local marketing – Jenny works in tandem with professional videographers as well as independently to get you professional results. Jenny is well versed in a wide range of video production options. She has created video and slideshow tutorials and is venturing into live shoots as well as animated scribe videos.
  • Local Marketing Reputation Management & Review Systems 
  • Mobile Marketing and mobile friendly websites, QR codes, Augmented Reality – Jenny can take care of your needs

Get started with the service of your choice right now:

Ph 525 0411 or 021 1221 541 Jenny Wilmshurst

Twitter: @tweettwins



PO Box 11 640, Ellerslie, Auckland 1051, New Zealand


More about Tweet Twins:

Tweet Twins are an Auckland based partnership aimed to bring people into cyberspace using Social Media; Web 2.0 tools. We live and breathe technology in our lives, businesses and various commercial activities. We can converge state of the art audio visual technologies, interactive systems business into the world of cyberspace.

The height of our success after pioneering NZ’s public Social Media training, was in generating one of the world’s large Social Media leads.  You can tap into the Tweet Twins Social Media success strategies and experience base as these strategies will work no matter how small or large your company is. No matter whether you are a one man band or a corporate.

We spend hours and hours every week in researching the know-how or using the latest online marketing techniques and tools. We do that hard work for you. It is a luxury that you as a business owner, are unlikely to have. We do more than ‘walking the talk’ when it comes to using a broad range of Social Media tools – from the everyday tools to consulting and creating ‘world-first’ leading edge interactive Social Media technology projects.

We don’t just know Social Media – we do it – and have for years. We make it simple to get going for those just starting out, and  dynamic for those who need more. We’re a creative, ideas powerhouse with strategic and technical knowledge added to the down to earth strategy and basics.Underpinning this is business & online strategy. These are the very reasons why you’d pass your online strategy development and online tasks to us, while you learn to do it yourself.

What that means to you is that the most complex Social Media project is doable. Likewise the smallest of needs are also.

We work with clients and partners in a variety of ways, from group and individual Social Media coaching, Social Media seminars, Social Media workshops, Social Media webinars and interviews.

Whether you need us to help you onboard your CEO, business owner or Marketing Manager to Social Media; or need us to help you with the hands-on kick-start, we have the range of Social Media training, seminars and workshops to fill the gap. No time? We can implement your Social media needs according to your allocatable budget.

We embrace technology and understand how the machines fight against humanity, so tongue in cheek, we are a bit like the horse whisperer, calming the machine to support you and enhance your life and not the other way. We use the technologies you see and we teach you about.

Get started with the service of your choice right now:

Ph 525 0411 or 021 1221 541 Jenny Wilmshurst

Twitter: @tweettwins



PO Box 11 640, Ellerslie, Auckland 1051, New Zealand

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