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Everyone knows the money’s in the list. The problem is 99% of marketers don’t know how to build their lists quickly. If you want to know how to REALLY build your list to over 10,000 fast, then check this out…
The other day Lance Tamashiro and Jason Parker did a call and exposed their insider secrets that built their lists to over 10,000 subscribers fast and they have agreed to let us distribute it. Get the audio recording by clicking on the graphic.

On the interview you’ll find out exactly what they’d do if they had to start all over again and build their lists to 10,000+ FAST from scratch. You’ll find out how to as much as double the amount of subscribers you get each day instantly by making just one small adjustment (more powerful than any free listbuilding method guaranteed). You’ll discover an underground strategy for adding up to 200 new subscribers to your list each day with just 5 minutes of work! No strings attached. Just click the CD and this audio is yours FREE ($97 value).


Thanks for dropping into our open door cupboard. One of the interesting aspects of Web 2.0 is the concept of giving without charge. In fact some seem to make a competition to give away the most software, audio recordings and video seminars. So in the spirit of Web 2.0 we will provide you with a range of resources for free and to help you progress your online presence.


If you want to have your own free web site and host with many commercial features, make sure you sign up here. Perfect for splash pages, blogs, sales letter pages. Thanks to Brad Callen for an excellent free service.

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