What is Social Media?

What is Social Media?

Wow, by now you’ve already experienced the exorbitant growth of Social Media technologies. Keep in mind that one of the largest virtual land grabs occurred in 5 minutes during June 2009 when 500,000 new web site urls were registered when Facebook opened real name url. By now you probably have your name in many social media.If you have not got your name yet…be quick otherwise you’re about to lose it to someone one click faster then you. If you’re not convinced that Social Media  is for you the link should give you an insight.

Remember many 100,000’s are pros at gaining real commercial benefits and many of them will be your direct competitors. The scary thought is that by the time you think you’re ready for it and you start to implement your on line presence in 12 months time outside of your plain Jane (oops sorry Jane) web site you will have lost commercial advantage to others. Add to that another 12 months of bedding it down will cost you another 12 months of effective communication with your market.

What was Web 1.0 What did it sound like?
If it could be translated into a musical machine and composition, this is what I think it would look and sound like. This is what you need to be able to co-ordinate to be successful in Web 1.0. So click on this link and download the file and go Open.

What about Web 2.0. you might well ask. 20 guys on the stage bouncing balls on a keyboard maybe?
Not quite. To find out view this video but first make sure you do the download above first before playing the video clip below. No cheating because I am watching.

Now once you have done the above please log onto this page if you have gone away from this page and in a couple of sentences write your thoughts about the above in the Comments area about Web 2.0 List your own web site, full name, etc.

In going through this process you will have experienced some features of online Web 2.0 engineering you need to learn which I will explain how one does the coding and linking to do this. Which is actually very simple to do…if you know how.

Write a unique phrase in your comments.

Now is the time to get your current year’s business, marketing and digital strategy ramped up.

Let me audit where you are at and where you want to go.



6 thoughts on “What is Social Media?

  1. Mat Lansdowne says:

    Web 1.0 seems impossible, like i can’t even be bothered learning, hours of practice and absolute craziness. Web 2.0 is AUTOMATED, the system has been put in place to make things work with the click of a button. Like what Andy said, “it’s more complicated so that I don’t have to be”.

  2. Jenny Wilmshurst says:

    We communicate, we share, we invite. They communicate, they share, they invite. More communicate, share, and invite. It leads to a torrent of communicating, sharing, and inviting. Marketing is no longer orchestrated by the marketer. The messages are driven by participants by creating user generated content of media, articles, comments and so on, published in a myriad of places. Branding principles are tipped upside down. The consumer controls the brand and what is said about it. Brand owners need to allow consumers to express the good, bad and ugly. As I was quote in Social Media site ijump.co.nz http://ijump.co.nz/we-have-a-winner/ : “Transparency and authentic are vital philosophies to attract valuable customer relationships in an overbearing media rich, fragmented marketing environment and an ever increasingly impersonal world. People crave to be special, unique and heard. Honest business relationships through social media attempt to cut through that.’

  3. Beth says:

    I remember in 1988 when my military friend was telling me that he was talking to his friend also a military in the other side of the wold through the web. So I asked what’s a web? He explained that it is through computer with a telephone connection. I know and heard about computer then but have not seen one. Now we can’t live without it and words seem to travel faster than sound and reach the other side of the world before we even get off from our chair. How incredible! From what I had just seen, it is scary to think of where it is going to from now.

  4. Andy Piggott says:

    Well it looks to me like Web2.0 is more complicated so we don’t have to be. In Web1 it seems you’d have to be an ultra-complicated expert while Web1 was the dummy simply receiving the commands. Now it seems Web2.0 is the ultra-complicated expert while we only need to be the dummies. It looks like Web2.0 does all the hard work behind the scenes and now everyone can access it – all they need is the balls to give it a go – Web2.0 takes the balls and does the stuff! If you gave your balls to Web1.0 on the other hand, they’d just flop on the ground useless.

    Web2.0 makes me happy.

    Cheers – Andy

  5. tweettwins says:

    Web 2.0 is profound in its complexities and yet so accessible. I recall last century use DOS based email programme called DaVinci by memory where I would send a special Ping email to a web site address and the Ping responding email would suck the text off the web into the email and send it to me. It was the only way I could read web sites as the system I was using did not / was not allowed a web browser. This was in the era of Web 0 🙂 when only large corporates could send network messages around the world. It was not until I went to Kodak’s research facility up in Camden USA and to Siberia Russia, that I was able to start to figure out what was happening in the world of cyberspace and networks. For those interested that was the year Yeltsin lined the tanks up in front of the White House in Moscow and blasted away, a couple of months before I arrived. … I could just read the Headlines…Kiwi Boy rides the Tanks into Red Square. Man how I wished I could have simply gone to a gathering to learn the stuff we will review on Saturday…but then it would not be the same adventure would it!

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