LinkedIn Profile Audit

LinkedIn Profile Audits are a FAST & EFFICIENT way for you to gain clarity & constructive feedback on what to do to improve on the Summary Section of your profile, so you’ll be closer to getting results from LinkedIn Marketing.

Why a LinkedIn Profile Audit?

Your LinkedIn Profile Audit will complement your marketing and sales efforts. A strong profile sets you up with a foundation for success & results in LinkedIn Lead Generation & Personal Branding. I use my proprietary multiple point checklist to identify the top areas to

This is a session designed to give clients a lot in a short time. It gives them great feedback and direction.


What will you get with your LinkedIn Profile Audit?

You will get an idea of what you are doing well and what needs to improve so that

  1. it fits your key LinkedIn Profile objectives 
  2. learn where to make your LinkedIn Profile sections more interactive & engaging
  3. discover what can make your LinkedIn Summary prospect-ready for sales. ways to write a LinkedIn Summary that attracts & tunes in with your ideal clients, so there will be no doubt about how you serve them
  4. how to optimise your LinkedIn Profile (Summary & other areas) to make it easier for prospects & ideal clients to find you

How will your LinkedIn Profile Audit work?

After I’ve thoroughly reviewed your profile, we’ll meet live online using a screenshare tool so we can go through your LinkedIn Profile together. For up to 45 minutes we’ll review your LinkedIn profile. I’ll send you a written version with the recommendations. Plus once you have actioned the recommendations we can have a strategy session for up to 45 minutes together


How to book & Pay for your LinkedIn Profile Audit ?

Book a time to talk to make sure this is right for you:

How to pay? If you know it is right for you then email me (, connect & message me (at or or phone on 021 1221 541.

We’ll go over the arrangements. You’ll receive a Paypal invoice which is fully payable in advance of your Profile Audit work starting