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On this page we are going to be listing numerous video resources that the Tweet Twins will produce and also show from others. If you have brilliant video or link on social media tools, concepts and you would like us to host and link please contact us.

Best Buy have been looked upon as one of the leading American brands that have adopted Social Media technologies and strategies to get inside the heads and dreams of their customers. Their thrust of lowest prices can leave one thinking that the niceties that high value products bring are dropped, however their use of Social Media allows a different mind set. Barry Judge shares insight as to where they have come from and going to.

If you are new to the cyberworld of Web 2.0 and have only been using email till now, well you are going to soon understand there are very large players and innovators who are barely out of unversity or school. One of them is Mark Zuckerberg. Here he talks about Web 2.0, talking about Facebook Connect, the newest developments in social networking, monetizing social networking and the future of Facebook. Facebook started out as a network site for students to connect with each other on a single campus and grown to a global social site for young and old, companies and individuals.

CEO Gina Bianchini NING Networks

Ning CEO Gina Bianchini explains how NING fits into the social media environment. CNN TV. 6min

Ning CEO Gina Bianchini explains how NING fits into the social media environment. CNN TV. 6min

A Social Media Guru

A Social Media Guru

From a presumed cave some where near Pakistan in a mountainous region, this man has inspired the most powerful airforce in the world to start using social media tools from an undisclosed cave he calls home. Talk about distant learning! Armed only with a simple camera, microphone and internet connection he unwittingly bought about the biggest change in USAF communication policy.

Airforce Public Affairs Agency, Emerging Technology Division, shows how our Airmen are using social media to stay informed and inform others. Airmen have the ability to communicate and tell the Air Force story better than anyone else. By reaching out with social media tools, they’re able to it quickly and in their own voice. Every Airman is a communicator and these examples prove that. It’s time for you to tell your story.

This video is well worth viewing to understand what this young visionary is pursuing.

Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook Connect

The way people communicate and follow trends is changing and two tools in cyberspace faciliating this are Twitter and Current TV.  Current TV is taking advantage of user-generated video content. Twitter and Current TV represent some of the new ways that media is evolving. Current TV CEO Joel Hyatt and Twitter CEO Evan Williams discuss why this is important and how this will drive new ways of monetizing content.

Current TV CEO Joel Hyatt and Twitter CEO Evan Williams

Some of the most influential providers discuss the future challenges and opportunities in Cloud Computing on stage at the Web 2.0 Summit to discuss the future of cloud computing in San Francisco. CEO Mark Benioff, VMWare’s Paul Maritz, Adobe’s Kevin Lynch and Google Enterprise’s Dave Girouard

Benjamin Lang, 15 year old sophomore, runs three online businesses also recently returned from a year in Israel. He does trading on eBay,  Craigslist selling, ( web design ( and teen entrepreneur consulting ( He recently made a very telling comment about his education thus far when asked, “Do you think school has helped you in any way prepare for running a business?”

Ben’s reply “No, no and no. I’ve never learned anything useful in school about starting a business. Its very unfortunate for others who haven’t learnt about this topic.”

This has got to be a damming statement on the education system prevalent in the world today. Maybe if the school system taught some of the principles Ben is applying and promoted by legends like Robert Kiosayki we would not be in the economic mess the world currently faces.

Business Entreprenur Benjamin Lang on his way to a multi million dollar business.

TV News Broadcast

Interview –

Clay Shirky,  Consultant and author of Here Comes Everybody Orgnising Organisations, describes how the internet is the first technology to enable 1:1 and 1:many communication simultaneously and  is still changing after 20 years.

Clay Shirky takes on an insightful journey on media technology....well worth listening to.

Clay Shirky takes on an insightful journey on media technology….well worth listening to.

Wired magazine described Clay Shirky, “a prescient voice on the internet’s effects, argues that emerging technologies enabling loose collaboration will change the way our society works”. While news from Iran streams to the world, Clay Shirky shows how Facebook, Twitter and TXTs help citizens in repressive regimes to report on real news, bypassing censors (however briefly). The end of top-down control of news is changing the nature of politics.

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