LinkedIn 1:1 Profile, Content & Lead Generation Training

*** LinkedIn 1:1 Profile, Content & Lead Generation Strategy & Training  ***

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I’ll show you the ways that are going to amplify your results beyond your ‘now’.
So we’ll start with optimizing your profile that can attract your ideal client.

Later we’ll form the strategy to leverage your profile, build your network, get noticed and get leads.

So the LinkedIn 1:1 Profile, Content & Lead Generation Strategy & Training  is designed to help you get your Profile ready for your ideal clients so

** it is easy to read
** they KNOW you are talking to them
** it is easy to read
** easy to ask for your services
** you are easy to find
** get ready for leads (I bet you’ll get more!)

You’ll also

** define who your ideal client is so you can tune into their needs on LinkedIn
** you’ll know how to use LinkedIn’s Target Market criterion to find them easily
** you’ll know what’s missing on your Profile, what needs to be fixed & how to fix it
** know where to post the content & what kind is best for the LinkedIn algorithm
** know what content that will make your prospects (leads) seek you out
** learn what to do to get visibility & qualified leads asking to connect with you
** discover special techniques to leverage LinkedIn activity
** know how to measure your LinkedIn outcomes
** experiment with messaging to get people talking wtih you
** learn what practices to avoid that could ban your account
** learn what tools to use & what not to use
** discover other LinkedIn tools that build your capability
** how to take your LinkedIn conversation off LinkedIn

Extra advanced sessions can be provided on
** How to leverage your team efforts to get more leads
** Ways to advertise
** How to set up & leverage your Company Page
** Groups & how to use them as an owner & a member
** Ideal strategies for larger businesses

10 x 1:1 sessions with checklists, workbook & tailored to your needs:


How to book for your LinkedIn Training?

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How to Pay for your LinkedIn Training?

How to pay? If you know it is right for you then email me (, connect & message me (at or or phone on 021 1221 541.

I’ll take done your details, invoice you via Paypal.  Once paid I’ll send you all you need to get started


Me & LinkedIn?

A wee intro…Although I’ve been in Digital Strategy for over 13 years (digital longer than that) & have decades of marketing, the area right now is with supporting you to the next level of LinkedIn Marketing.

That means you can get more leads for your high end program & courses.
I share the ways that got me noticed by LinkedIn (they offered me to be part of LinkedIn Influencers – one of only a few hundred globally), got event clients & consulting clients.