Social SEO Update: Infographic of The Test

Social SEO Update: Infographic of The Test

This is an update based on further testing and research about how Social Signals and SEO work together.

Sometimes people ask

‘Does Social Media work?’

‘Does Online Marketing work?’

‘What works now in online marketing and Social Media NOW – today?’

So this infographic is a great answer to those questions.

It is courtesy of TastyPlacements.

They wanted to test How Social Media Activity Impacts Organic Search Rankings. So how does Social SEO work? What are the findings of their test?  Here is an Infographic of The Test based on their premise –

‘Can social media activity impact organic search rankings? Popular wisdom says yes, but we set out to prove it with a simple test. We’ve compiled our findings into an easy-to-follow infographic’.

Infographic: Testing Social Signals

Infographic authored by TastyPlacement, an
Austin SEO
company, To view the original post, see the original

Social Media Infographic


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