Plan & Migrate a Website from HTML to WordPress

How do you plan & migrate an HTML site to WordPress?

Getting ready to create a new website?

Though it is a particularly cut down version of what you need to think through, here are some considerations, If you plan to move a  website from HTML to WordPress:

  1. website branding
  2. web marketing and planning
  3. website look and feel
  4. website housekeeping
  5. keeping website SEO juice intact
  6. prompt website migration

1. WEBSITE BRANDING – more than a logo, have you created a brand concept that is market significant  i.e. more than graphics? what are the brand values? how well does it fit your target market?

2. WEB  & MARKETING PLANNING – have you set up a sales funnel? how easy is it for them to do want they and you want them to do? what will be the structure of the pages and menu ? is it ideal from a marketing perspective as well as a web perspective?

3. WEBSITE LOOK & FEEL – have you figured out the colours? do they convey your values? how well do the graphics tune into your target market?

If you are migrating an existing HTML site you will additionally need to think about:

1. WEBSITE HOUSEKEEPING – what pages, posts, links, images will stay and which will go?

2. RETAIN WEBSITE SEO JUICE – if you do not get excellent advice and execute the move to a new site set up you will LOSE so much of what you have built up. Seek an advanced web developer to do this so that you do not damage what you already have.

3. PROMPT WEBSITE MIGRATION – it is vital to avoid site downtime. It is possible to set up a new site and develop it while an existing site is live. Doing so will allow you to make a smooth transfer from one site download to the other’s upload. There are tools to allow development site development on the desktop (as a server) as well as more traditional web dev site development tools.

Click here for useful reading about moving an HTML site to WordPress  or even this article by Smashing Magazine  . Each covers some of the technical aspects. Being aware of them, even if you cannot action them is very important so that you can find just the right person to project manage the tasks for you or to do the job for you.

A tool that claims to make an HTML transfer easy is Themepress I found it interesting to learn about, though I have not used it.

A desktop server toolset you or a developer can use to develop the website on your computer before upload is here

Want to buy a package to help you plan your new website?

Soon I will bring out a product that you can download that steps your through the website planning process.

Interested in pre-ordering?

It’ll be cram packed with checklists, advice, set up instructions, understanding different types of website themes that are on the market, web marketing considerations, content planning, plus 1 hour of coaching / mentor time.

For $197 it’ll be an absolute steal! I normally charge $125 per hour for one on one coaching!

Email me at or to order the WEBSITE PLANNING PACKAGE

No download button yet – as I want an idea of interest levels before putting in time to set up.

So email if you want to buy this package and we’ll get it all sorted for you with payment instructions, with delivery within 3 working days of payment (after receiving your email order)!


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