Anne Frank, The First Blogger

Recently The Tweet Twins (aka Kevin and Jenny) presented at two conferences on Social Media and how it can enhance your brand, profile and connection with customers.

In this excerpt from one of the presentations, Kevin talks about one of the world’s most famous bloggers before the phrase became the in buzz word, and before she had access to a computer. In fact it would be some 60 plus years before people really hooked in to what Anne Frank knew and before blogs became the in thing to have. She never lived to see the power and global influence her blog would become. In fact she never set her eyes on a computer let alone used one. One thing that Anne Frank knew and consoled herself in was the power of the written word …. even it was just for herself.

Now imagine the power you have at your finger tips to influence, empower, understand, provoke, and call to action … great reasons for you to start your blog today.

I found it a moving visit when I visited her nondescript house in Amsterdam, climbed that stair case where behind the door Anne and family would live like church mouse in fear of the Nazi’s. I pondered as I stared out the small window in her bedroom to freedom below and the large tree in the distant garden and contemplated the power of her diary that brings 1000’s of visitors to have the same experience I was having.

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