Corporate use of Twitter gets a major kickstart

Twitter is growing in importance as a communication tool goes without saying. Most mature users of Twitter understand that the “I am having coffee mindset” or “I am dodging a golf club swing” tweets are attributed to a certain sector, however there is a significant trend to use it as a serious communication tool.

To help manage the enterprise use of Twitter, Twitter have announced a enterprise solution called Contributors that allows multiple users access and manage the one Twitter account. Anyone can log into a single account as long as you have the password, however as Twitter matures as a enterprise tool and integral to business, there will be a need for specific business features at web and API level. On the surface when a tweet from @Twitter is posted it would include @Biz in the byline.

Some of the benefits of this of this new feature.
1 – Helps clarify the issues of personal and business Twitter accounts
2 – Now one person does not need to shoulder the Tweet load and the diversity should make for a multi facted communication stream.
3 – Accountability comes to the fore as both the tweeter’s Twitter profile and the companies ID will both be displayed.
4 – Social Media drives responsible communication due to its transparency
5 – The company brand come’s through the personalities of the staff. At the end of the day it comes down to not wanting to  engage with a logo… it is the people, the smile the friendly voice we want to engage with.
6 – Twitter’s Contributor app will interact with making it easy to migrate and integrate.
Cotweet is a standalone application that is available to enterprise and allows the management of multiple Twittter accounts.  CoTweet allows you to post your updates to Facebook, LinkedIn, Yammer and dozens of other social networks.
cotweet management tool
It is interesting to see how European airline easyJet (@easyJetCare) use CoTweet to manage customer service interactions through Twitter. This interesting BBC News video covering the impact social media is having on the travel industry features Paul Hopkins, Head of Easyjet Customer Experience and his teams efforts.
Posted by Kevin Andreasssend Founding Partner of Tweet Twins

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