Social Selling Sales Automation

Social Selling and Sales Automation

are buzz words of the 2009 era and are of vital relevance for ROI in 2013, 2014 and beyond.

However what I am finding is that  Sales Trainers are very unaware of Sales Automation’s existence.

I also sense weariness about Social Selling.

Benefits of Sales Automation

However the combo of Sales Automation prospects and educates the client about products, services, solutions to their problems – all on a sales autopilot. Many companies are missing out on leveraging these tools!

Sales Automation warms up prospects in the sales process long before the need to see or hear from a Business Development Manager. So it saves companies’ time, resources. Sales Automation is great for prospects as they are in contact with the sales team when they feel emotionally connected with the company and readied for contact. It uses their  BDM skills in a way that optimises the sales communication. Sales Automation definitely increases ROI!

How does Sales Automation work?

Prospects receive information about issues that are relevant to their business. They opt in to receive these from a supplier’s  website. This information is related to problems that the prospect wants solved. The prospect successively receives email offers to access more and more relevant problem solving information.

The information follows a logical sequence according to a buyers journey. So the information covers questions they typically ask at the early to mid stage of a buying process. Each stage correlates to scoring points. This is so that the software can calculate buyer readiness.

So when a prospect asks for each piece of information they are also scored for readiness to discuss buying. This indicates a stage in buying behaviour automatically.  Once the software calculates a predetermined points level, it alerts the sales rep of the need to make contact with the prospect, Typically this would be to further qualify the prospect, answer detailed questions and make a time to meet, to demo or interview for a proposal.

Check out the Sales Automaton infographic for a quick tour of what Sales Automaton is all about!

Marketing Automation: Sales or Marketing Tool?

by Pardot.

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