New Web Project Flow Chart

Web project flow chart

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Are you starting a new web project?

Wondering where to start with getting a new site up and running or redeveloping a new site?

How helpful would a New Web Project Flow Chart be?

This infographic leads you through the pathway from

1. Business Analysis (getting to know you and your market) Defining your goals, processes, objectives, target market, success measures.

2. Website Plan Information architecture, user experience (what your users will need and want to do no your site), look and feel of the site, what functions you will add to the site, online marketing

3. Content gathering and production Creating and collecting images, videos, downloadables, written content for the site

4 Wireframe and Website Design Creating the wireframes and design options of the Home Page

5. Website Development Coding the site and assembly of elements on the local server. If using  a theme, the developer can customise elements an

6. Testing Quality Assurance, usability testing and if needed copy testing with the market

7. Launch and promotion Deployment and publishing of the website. Launch of the online marketing plan.

8. Maintenance and support Content updates, training, customer service, technical support, technical updates,

BEFORE you approach a web developer you will need to:

1. Do your market research and marketing planning, define your branding philosophy and develop  colour scheme and logos that tune into your target markets. Affinity with your market will make or break the success of your venture. Write up notes as if you were developing a business plan. I prefer to use PowerPoint with at least one page per key plan item. Bullet point your notes for quick writing and review.

2. Find websites with the look and feel you are after. Screenshot them. Keep a record of their url. Note what you like about them

3. Find features and functionality  in specific sites and recording information using  the same method above

4. Find 3-5 competitor sites. Make sure your colour scheme and branding is unique compared to your competitors. Do at least one thing better than your competitors do.

5. Define the goal of the website. What problem dos it solve? To describe your web development as successful, what will it be like?

6. Itemise what tasks you will do and what the developer will do. Allocate budget and very general timelines

Then pull these items together in a way that can brief the web developer simply and effectively

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