Facebook Ad Benchmarks 2013

Facebook Ad Benchmarks are vital for testing your ad results as you split test for optimum performance.

Since 2012 I’ve been running Facebook Ad campaigns for clients. Each client’s industry performs entirely differently. Some are regarded as ‘boring’ sectors, others are more fun. Through split testing the ads in the ‘boring’ sector and using an extremely tight targeting with the creative work that tuned into the market’s mind-set, I totally topped all expectations compared to the general Facebook Ad benchmarks.

Results vary quite considerably depending on the:

        • image style choices
        • image colours and border colours
        • humour or quirkiness
        • psychographic tuning in
        • text
        • market demographics
        • market psychographics
        • time of posting – by day
        • time of posting – by week
        • type of Facebook ad
        • placement of ad in newsfeed vs sidebar
        • click through to website vs Facebook page
        • fan likes vs clicks

For one client I tested 60 different ad variations. The range of difference varied by 100% above the lowest performing ads.

What would have been handy would be this benchmark statistical information.

You’ll find this a useful for performance benchmark of your Facebook Ads also.

performance metrics by sector FB ads 2013 emarketer

Benchmark performance metrics by FB ads 2013 emarketer

Go back to your ads and check on your past performance compared to these              benchmarks.

Rejig your copy and find alternative images. Test, test, test.

Your Facebook ad campaigns

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If you are not ready for ads but just want an interesting article then take a look at this analysis of Facebook Ad Benchmarking by emarketer


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