21 Ways to Repurpose Content for Traffic & Interaction

Stuck for idea on where to create content or ways to repurpose what you already have?

Wanting ways that will set up your content, ready to generate traffic and get interaction with your ideal target custom and your best markets?

These 21 ways will guarantee you’ll never be short of ideas again!

  1. Mobile App
  2. Your blog or Guest blog
  3. Facebook
  4. YouTube & video sites
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Image sharing sites
  7. Teleseminar or Webinar
  8. Google Hangouts
  9. Augmented Reality
  10. Ecourse
  11. Ezines
  12. Online radio
  13. Podcasts
  14. Freebie specials
  15. Speech
  16. CD DVD Kindle ebook
  17. Hard cover printed book
  18. Live events
  19. Coaching mentoring or training
  20. Press releases
  21. VIP days

Now are you stuck with how to put these into action?

Not enough time? Not enough know how?

That is where I come in to get your projects on the go from start up to getting content up online. Content done for you.

Want me to take care of it for you?

Call me on 525 0411 or 021 1221 541 or  email jenny@tweettwins.co.nz – Jenny


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