Facebook Competitions without Facebook Competition Apps

The most meaningful motivations for you to run Facebook Competitions with competition apps is the massive benefits to your business results vs risks.

So many of my stories are from conversations with clients who are searching for a better way to do business online and offline. Other stories from trends and online practices that just don’t work or could bring more powerful results if a few tweaks are applied.

Right now a few clients are either asking me for competitions or are needing the benefits of Facebook competitions. One thing I am noticing is a trend to use ‘Like and share this post and win..’ type of posts on their Facebook page walls. Usually these business owners are totally unaware of what leverage they are missing out on by not using competition apps. I’m sure that is a massive motivator compared to the fear of Facebook closing down their page for non compliance!

So to put it simply – when you get more likes on a page – that is all you get! What does ‘more likes get you? Numbers with no loyalty and not even necessarily a second look at your page.

From a marketing  perspective, it gives you more people who come to a  page and have absolutely no reasons to ever return. It bolsters up the page numbers wise – but that is it. If you do not use a competition app you have no way to talk to the same people again and again by email. Let’s say you own a nightclub. You run a ‘like and share campaign’ from your Facebook page ( one without a Facebook app and it is non complaint). The prize is a bar tab. You ask the winner to claim the prize off the Facebook Page. You get a ton of new likes. Now what? How can you make contact with the likers again? You don’t have their email addresses or their mobile phone numbers. So you cannot market to them again. Many Facebook page likers do not return to a page. Also how can you reward your existing fan base who have already ‘liked’?

Facebook competition apps allow you to run competitions for current fans as well as new ones, AND build in ways of capturing contact details.

From a Facebook perspective solely focussing on ‘likes’ does not satisfy the algorithms that Facebook uses to make pages more popular and visible. It is a bit like meeting people in a party while in holiday resort, and never needing to return or never having a way to catch up with them again. There is no reason or purpose to continuing the relationship and no reconnection.

Facebook’s algorithms rely upon engagement and interaction not just likes.

If you use a Facebook competition app it is many easier for you to communicate on how to  enter, what the competition rules are and how the winner will be notified, and to release Facebook from the competition.

Getting the right set up help you to get the right info so you can add more promo to the completion e.g. awarding the prizes to winners. It is another opportunity to share excitement around your business, product or brand.

Some Facebook competition  apps have such powerful viral capabilities built-in that can send  results through the roof in a way that is not possible by simple ‘like and share’ tactics.

So if you do not use a competition app to run your competitions you are losing out on marketing leverage and revenues big-time compared to just using a non compliant’ like the page’. The risks are that Facebook can close you down in an instant. Do you want your Facebook Page closed? Facebook is closing Facebook Pages daily, all around the world.

So get compliant with your Facebook Competitions. Make sure you set up your competitions with a competition app, and in a compliant way.  Here is more on the Facebook Competitions subject. Go earn well with Facebook! Enjoy your fans company even more!



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