Example of How to Use Social Influence in Social Media Marketing

An example of how to use Social Influence in Social Media Marketing is from Peer Index recently.

Their client: Cold Play and Cold Play’s Movie Distributor.

Peer Index researched key Social Media Influencers for specific categories.

It looks like music and entertainment was one as well as various online influence.

I co-own a DJ company, we have direct relationships with global influencers and musicians who are household names, influence in the technology sectors and are vocal pioneers in Social Media.

This campaign was conducted in various cities in 61 countries globally.

Then Peer Index used the subscriptions of those already registered with them to communicate about Cold Play’s latest move release.

Here is what they emailed me:

Then claiming the perk leads to a landing page:

Jenny Wilmshurst - Peer Index local influencers premiere Cold Play!

Then you claim your free poster of an awesome, highly visual concert and buy a ticket to view the première at your most local participating cinema.

I saw that a local peer who is also into music was IDed.

Cold Play’s goals? Tactics?

Following the motto ‘Flattery will get you everywhere?’

Get people talking about the movie? counting on those chuffed enough to be ID’ed as an influencer to spread the message as a result?

Maybe! Do you reckon it worked?

Well I like what they did if only from a technical email marketing viewpoint, let alone from a Social Media buzz viewpoint.

What do you think of their strategy & tactics?

Now it is your turn.

How could you copy Peer Index’s example and use their strategy and tactics to your advantage in your business?


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