What has been happening?

Wow this year has flown by so fast…

So much has changed online (nothing new with that!), but it ramps up the pace we need to keep tabs on this change. Have you suffered from overload? So we have had graphic format changes to Linkedin Personal profiles have upgraded and Company Profiles are about to (November 2012) , Twitter (September), YouTube (January 2012), Facebook (February 2102). There is a massive range of apps & tools. All online marketing methods are under constant test and review.

Since 2010 I’ve been keenly watching the changes occurring in the Local Marketing and Mobile Marketing space beyond text messaging. With rapid uptake of a variety of screen sizes e.g. tablets in the mix with mobiles &  laptop, all website owners need to get their websites mobile friendly.

Each year, at least once a year, event managers ask me to deliver on topics of ‘What is the Next Big Thing’. This year was no exception. So I was able to give a hint at what I and a global mastermind group have tested since October 2011. We have been working in the areas of Reputation Management, Local Video Marketing & Video SEO, Video Production, Local Marketing, Local Lead Generation, Google Plus Local.

I must say that I’ve seen many aspects look very simple to start with. However, in delving deeper, any ad agency, consultant serving clients could fall into traps. Apart from awareness of these SoLoMoVi options, this could be why there are so many not yet implemented by ad agencies, or marketers in NZ. Offshore the opportunity is at its rise of uptake amongst online consultants. A wee note. In NZ there is mention of Reputation Management. Generally in NZ,  I’ve seen it offered as offline reputation  management or a very embryonic online version rather than the full scope.

The highlights of 2012 presentations this year were to NZ’s marketers and online sector on Social Local Mobile Video (#SoLoMoVi); to a group of Christians who want to support each others’ businesses (the topic of blending faith with commerce, co-operation, collaboration and communication).

Another highlight was in delivering a 12 week series at NZ’s largest university, Massey University, on ‘Social Networks for Business’.

We covered much ground beyond the usual suspect: Social Media Marketing. It was a pleasure to deliver concepts I hold dear, on Social Business aka Whole-of-Business Social Media, Business 2.0, Enterprise 2.0. Its content included extremely strategic aspects of the 13 stages of on boarding a company with Social Media; how to use collaboration, communication, co-operation, and change management to support a company to its next metamorphosis. As a practical application of the course content, students set up blogs, and co-operated in supporting each others blogs. Plus they also role played scenarios of persuading a ‘stuck boss’ to adopt Social Media within the entire business.

As a special ‘going away present’, the last session before exams included the interaction with recent, avante garde & futuristic technologies that many are unaware of, yet hold great marketing potential. The students thought that the subject was going to be a breeze due to their use of Facebook. It didn’t take long before they realised the course was more demanding than Facebook friending & posting!

The upshot is that much of my time has been spent in micro-market Social Media rather than mainstream Social Media. Micro groups sharpen skills and knowledge sharing. What does this mean to you, or to the blog? Resultant work has required experimentation and research. Not a day goes by that I need to research up to 10, 20, 30 topics a day to support client work or update skills and knowledge.  So I’ve been time poor as far as supporting this blog goes. So what I’ve decided is that I need to share more short snippets of discovery in this blog. You will benefit by seeing relevant content I’m leveraging with or from. It could save you time and effort.


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