Give for free: “It will be good exposure”

Someone asked the question – ‘Should we give for free?’ In reply another asked what guidelines could be for ‘giving  for free’.

 It raises interesting questions:

  • should we give for free?
  • in what circumstances?
  • how much for free to achieve what outcomes?

Here are the beginnings of thoughts on this:

If you ask the one who values money before people then you will get an answer that could be a weighted response

If you ask the one who looks for a win-win then you will probably enter a negotiation that seeks each others higher good.

To draw the line the question one could ask is what are your personal values on giving and what your real needs are.

  • What reward do you need to make it an uncompromised offer?
  • Do you need any reward (not necessarily $). If some then what is it?
  • Do you give to community in other parts of your life? If not then maybe the ways Seth is suggesting are good options to give.
  • What are the risks to you and can you tolerate them? e.g.  feeling disrespected and unappreciated because no thanks are offered.

If you are feeling emotionally, financially and physically sapped then you are either in the best or very worst position to give. Depends on how resilient you are.

If you are expecting a form of payback, how powerful to achieve your goals is it?

If you are giving for free online:

  • what is the goal?
  • how much free activity is needed to meet your outcome? Do you know the benchmarks?
  • do you have a system?

What thoughts could you add to this?


One thought on “Give for free: “It will be good exposure”

  1. Roberta says:

    Must be something in the air today – 3 posts on giving free and what the cost of free really is. Important topic and important with the value question. Really important for people to consider

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