The Why of Social Media

The Why of Social Media…what is yours?

Today we started talking about people’s reactions to Social Media and the relevance or lack of relevance they perceived of Social Media for their businesses.

The gap is widening between the

  • ‘why should I care and even if I did I don’t have the me or money’,
  • to the ‘wow I HAVE to get sorted with Social Media’,
  • to the ‘let’s get ramped up on Social Media’.

There are lots of questions that run behind each of these stages. Quite by chance tonight I stumbled across an article by Brian Solis. It included these typical questions:

The Top 10 Questions Customers Are Asking You in Social Media

1. Why should I like you on Facebook?

2. Why should I follow you on Twitter

3. Why would I value the experience? What would I take away?

4. Why would I want to stay connected over time?

5. Why would I choose to engage your updates in my social stream over those of my real friends?

6. Why would I tell everyone I know to follow you?

7. Why would I share your content with my audience of peers?

8. Why would I decide to invest my time and express loyalty in your network and not mine?

9. Why should I care if you don’t care about my needs, experiences, or questions?

10. Why should I come back?


So what are your questions among these? What else do you want to know and explore?


One thought on “The Why of Social Media

  1. Roberta says:

    It strikes me the answer to these all come back to market strategy. I wonder especially on LinkedIn if people are truly connecting if they see themselves in a secure position and really busy

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