Speakers Videos: Clothing do’s and don’t’s

So you are preparing for your Speakers Video shoot! What are some of the do’s and don’t’s? What clothing hints and tips do you need to consider? This is equally valid for photo shoots. Following is a combo of ideas found online:

professional speaker video

Here are some things to avoid:

1. These colours: black, red, yellows, oranges. Attention should be on your face not your clothing colours. The film will not colour your face naturally.

2. Distracting fabrics: avoid fabrics with loud patterns, bold stripes. Tight stripes cause a wavy, moiré pattern. Large designs will distract from your face.

3. Bare skin: again keep the focus to your face. Exposed arms and legs can be a distraction.

4. Jewellery: Avoid hanging  jewellery as it will jangle in the mic. Avoid flashy jewellery as it reflects the light.

Video professional speaker

What works well:

1. Contrast top and bottom: wear colour for high contrast. Keep colours in the same colour palette.

2. A top with an interesting collar or neckline: as it is near your face it will direct the viewer’s eye well.

3. A textured top: adds depth to the shot.

4. Solid colour: keeps the shot simple but strong.

5. Simple jewellery: low fuss to no fuss jewelery.

6. Clothing you feel comfy in: Your comfort or lack of will show in your body language.

7. Hands, feet: if the photo shoot will include full or half-length shots then pay attention to how your shoes and hands look.

8. Wear makeup:It has the practical purpose of reducing the glare of TV lights. Women: use natural toned lipstick rather than rich reds or lip gloss. Yes, even for the menfolk! TV lights can penetrate several layers of skin. You can’t shave close enough to prevent whiskers from showing without makeup. Remember to put makeup on receding hair lines or bald heads.

9. Glasses: glasses work fine so long as you don’t have shiny frames. Tip the bows of your eyeglasses up slightly off your ears. This angles the lenses down to reduce glare from lights.

10. Find out what background colour will be used so you can dress in colours to complement.

Written by Jenny Wilmshurst, Tweet Twins Social Media Strategist, Consultant and Speaker


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