2 thoughts on “What is holistic IT? holistic Social Media consulting?

  1. holistic business plan says:

    For me personally, for marketing to be truly effective it needs to be holistic and what I mean by this is that one strives for the interaction and exchange of communication to be beneficial on both sides. Plus everything that is looked at in a marketing campaign is connected to the various parts that make up the whole picture. So I totally agree that marketing is not exclusive of the body of people that make up the organization. For some companies the term Holistic Marketing, Holistic business plan and Holistic IT sounds new age, but I think that as companies get a better understanding of social media marketing and how engagement is the key factor to be successful with social media marketing the words Holistic will be propping up more frequently, simply because companies will be value focused and asking themselves how can we add value to our clients and customers and also experience value in what we are doing and offering. On twitter check out: ( #Holistic Marketing ) some very interesting search results come up. Great concept to be sharing with others right now, so really enjoyed reading your article and being on the same page with your values and beliefs.

    • tweettwins says:

      Thanks Edgar. Your input is great.

      It is encouraging that people like you want to create a sound foundation to build Social Media from. I understand how companies would think that ‘holisitic’ is new age. I AM NOT a new ager! But I do believe in companies trying to be thorough in their thinking, planning and practices that integrate vision, culture, goals, objectives, strategy with social Media principles throughout the company. Those that really do achieve it not just say it.

      I am values driven. It means I regard old thinking as valuable when presented and conducted in a new way: transparency, level playing fields, collaboration between big and small companies, using your team as a team to improve internal and external customer experiences, cutting down opportunites for organisational politics & other business inhibitors etc – J

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