What you Must Know to Create Professional Speaker Video

What you MUST know to create a decent professional speaker video.

Looking at creating professional speaker videos? Do you need a quick fix or are you solving a long-term need?  What technical things do you need to know before you hire?

For those of you who budget, information, read on.

what you must know to create professional speaker video

 Here are several things you must know before you create a speaker video, or arrange for  the opportunity of using professionally shot video.

1.       Video Format – how it will be used short and long-term?  what  format will it be filmed in, edited, and output in? How will it suit your end purpose? How will you display your video? e.g. on YouTube and other hosting/submission sites? Use on a projector? On your computer (for client presentations)?  Will you need high definition? Low definition? In multiple widths? What quality? Will it be filmed in one format then provided to you in another format you can repurpose?

2.       Video Cost – Recently an organisation discussed getting a group together for professional video filming at $75 an hour. It’s a great offer. To be realistic – it could cost more than $75 to do what you want and really need, depending on the outcomes you need and how smooth the ‘takes’ are (the person being filmed). To keep longer term costs low you need to have a video donut (intro and outro) made so that you can reuse it. You would add your own new videos to it. Otherwise if the videographer keeping your film and only keeps it in a film production format, then you will have to go through all that production cost EVERY time you need another video. You need him to supply the donut in a version suitable for YOUR computer so you can use it for video edit yourself time and time again. It’s good value for money.

Video professional speakerSo you need to  have a really good idea of what you are getting into before you start hiring a film guy. The costs of doing intro and outro and a small video shoot & production can range to $1000. For example we did training on creating a simple video intro and outro, shooting multiple takes, a sample of shots in a 2 hour period. All at a heavily discounted rate. It was way too fast but that was all the client could afford. 

 3.       Styles of video – Professional speakers need all sorts of versions of video

    1. Formal promo video – with quality lighting & set up
    2. In action speaking video – with quality lighting & set up
    3. The informal ‘this is the real me’ Social Media video

You need lots of video – yes – lots and lots. Of each of these types.


1. Google has changed its ways and favours lots of original content. In the last 6 months it has upped the ante on this. Google has cleaned up. It is called Google Panda or Google Farmer. Many sites with a history of great traffic, rankings, response for years are now relegated to lower spots. The ones that raised their rankings were those with high quality, regular, unique content. 

So you need to become  content creator. The more high quality, regular content, the better your results.

2. Video converts incredibly well. Compared to many other online tools, video converts to enquiries / sales the best and tops the search engines well. Video is highly influential in the decision-making process.

professional speaker video

Why tell you this? In my partnership is 30 years of audio and video production experience (from the simple to high quality advice that is sought by major AV & event suppliers globally). When Kevin  is not available I have a very talented younger person to take care of the video work. We also have an immigrant from South Africa with oodles of talent who we can tap into.

We’ve been incredibly successful in creating and using video marketing combined with Social Media

    • 1. A 2 step tactic that gets a call from a Fortune 50 Head Office for a $ multi million deal within 5 minutes of posting the video ( a coup for the little guys with the big guys! Small businesses are on a level playing field with big companies online now.)

2. Video drives so much enquiry that the businesses we have set video up for, run flat tack with enquiries. You have to know how to work it though! I want that for you too!

I say this that I have been in the shoes of one who did not know to ask certain questions. You don’t know, what you don’t know you need to know, do you?

Be prepared! Ask questions! Be informed!

Hopefully you will have a  greater inkling of what you must know about technical things before you create a Professional Speaker video. This is how the video AV guy’s sidekick sees things. Hey, I’m really the Social Media Consultant!


Written by Jenny Wilmshurst, Tweet Twins Social Media Consultant, Social Media Speaker, Social Media Strategist


2 thoughts on “What you Must Know to Create Professional Speaker Video

  1. Roberta says:

    This is a fantastic set of suggestions for a professional video. One thing – taking the time to do it professionally should make you look professional – I know it does with everything else.

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