How to get post types and ideas – part 3

How to get post types and ideas covered 2 parts and has included 10 ideas. Now you may be considering what inspiration you can use for your blog posts. Here is a blog idea generator.

Here is a resource that provides some excellent ideas: Below is a selection of blog post ideas  from a list of 37

  1. Write a profile post on someone you admire.
  2. Find a post you agree with and expand the idea, make sure you link to original article.
  3. Find a post you disagree with and deconstruct the idea, remember link to original too.
  4. Explore Flickr and find a photo that inspires you, (check through Creative Commons options.)
  5. Find a podcast that about one of your business interests that you find entertains, educates or annoys you.
  6. Do a keyword search on Google on one of your business interests, click on the first link and write about the site.
  7. Ask a question on Yahoo Answers and document the answers in a blog post.
  8. Think of a ‘how to’ question and see if it is answered in a YouTube video. Write about the question and embed the YouTube video.
  9. Put your iPod on shuffle. Write a post letting the song  inspire your mind mapping.
  10. What is your favorite piece of tech? Why?
  11. What is product did you regret buying? Why?
  12. What is product did you wish you’d bought? Why?
  13. Think of the most inspirational blogger you know, write a piece about your top 5 favorite posts of theirs and why they are your favorites.
  14. Create an interview, send to people you know and ask them to fill it out. When you get the answers back rewrite them as if it was a real conversation.
  15. Write a List –make it a random odd number.
  16. Ask an open-ended question on twitter document the answers.
  17. Rewrite an old post, look for one from many years ago.
  18. Ask your readers to complete the list and pick the best answer as the #1 choice.
  19. Can you provide another 10 or 20 suggestions?

Here are additions of my own. What about:

  1. Set up Google alerts and Social listening software to find what people in your market are talking about – then add to that conversation.
  2. Look at media – TV, newspapers, the most popular talk shows  – what are the current topics? How can you make them relevant to your market?
  3. Check out the hot sellers on Amazon in your market and talk about those
  4. Customer Services feedback

What else can you think of?

Written by Jenny Wilmshurst – Tweet Twins Social Media – Social Media Speaker – Social Media Trainer – Social Media Consultant


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