How to get post types and ideas – part 2

Did you try out some of the ideas in Part 1 of ‘How to get post type ideas’?

Here are a few more ideas on types of posts to use in your blog. to test.

  1. Interviews – With a bit of preparation these can lead to a lot of referral traffic if the interviewee has a captive audience.
  2. Round Up – Collect 10 to 20 posts from around the web (that you enjoyed reading) and link to them directly. The blog owners will most likely come back to your post and leave a comment.
  3. Challenges/Contests – contests and challenges are great to increase engagement and exposure from people linking back to the contest or challenge rules.
  4. Multi-Day Question & Answer – A post divided into parts can get loyal readers and build community, especially when you deliberately give you audience exactly what they asked for you increase the chances of them coming back.
  5. Podcasts & video – Providing your audience with a different type of content (like audio or video), increases the likelihood of them coming back.

So if you have yet to try some of these ideas, now is the time to start. Tell us which ideas you like the best? Tell us your results – so that we know how you got on.

Written by Jenny Wilmshurst – Tweet Twins Social Media – Social Media Speaker – Social Media Trainer – Social Media Consultant


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