How to get post types and ideas – part 1

Wondering how to get post types and ideas so that you have enough content for several weeks?  Here is a quick list of 10 types of posts to use with your content ideas to get you going.

  1. How to Articles – meaty “How-To” posts can pull in good readership. Use them sparingly.  
  2. Blog Series – writing a series with the help of other bloggers generates good exposure
  3. List Posts – just like this one. Tested – these types of posts are shared and linked to greater than many other types of posts.
  4. Product Reviews – Reviewing products you’ve used is a great way to share info and get paid. Just one sale covers your writing time. These posts get less comments or shares.
  5. Ask The Readers – These posts get your readers engaged and build community. For example, ask what topic your readers  want you to write about.

OK – Start brainstorming what topics you could write about with each type of post.

Decide which of those ideas you like best.

Try a new idea – one that you have not used before.

I’m keen to hear your feedback on the results you get.

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Written by Jenny Wilmshurst – Tweet Twins Social Media – Social Media Speaker – Social Media Trainer – Social Media Consultant


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