TweetTwins are spending time with Jay Abraham and leaders in online business

The TweetTwins are forever thinking outsides the square, looking at innovation, maximising opportunities and creating success. So how do we do it you might ask. Well one way is to continually surround yourself with people more clever than you are, more experienced and from various fields. This then provides a hotbed for growth.

Running a successful business is the dream of many. Being creative and innovative is also what many desire. Sadly though, many people never see their plans come to life or actually take the crucial steps to head in the right direction. In today’s world gloom of war, economic depression, rising prices it would be easy to spiral downwards for many. I think of one very successful online marketer in Christchurch called Mark Ling, a fairdinkum Kiwi who in spite of the earthquake his international success continues unbated plus the many he has helped.

Jay Abraham will be spending time inspiring and teaching a group of top Kiwi business people.
Next week we will be spending 4 intensive days, something we have done for 3 years now with some of the top internet and business strategists to learn new concepts, refresh old ones, connect, get the motivation tank recharged. One such person we are excited to be meeting is business guru Jay Abraham who is coming to NZ, I think this actually might be his first trip to NZ, so we will have to see if he is game to do the bungey jump like international DJ Deadmau5 did with his team when they came to NZ a few weeks back.

Arguably, the finest interviewer in the world is Anthony Robbins. He probes and penetrates his subjects in ways (and from vantage points) that few others even understand, let alone master. Some of the legendary people he has brilliantly interviewed include: John Wooden, Stephen M. Covey, and John Gray.

For years, Tony had a private interview service for subscribers eager to receive his full-length, fabulously-detailed, and amazingly-distilled interview sessions. Well, as a daring experiment – Tony interviewed Jay Abraham a while back – and that interview was – well, it became a “classic”! “All totaled, I think he and I spent 9-1/2 intensive hours exchanging dialogue, perspectives and responses to critical business issues and topics. Then his talented editor spent nearly 300 hours editing our 9-1/2 hour “marathon” down into a seamless (almost), two-hour-long, tour-de-force, idea-a-minute, audio session…that quickly became a cult business classic, worldwide. Seriously – something like a million copies of the interview have been distributed globally. Anyhow, that interview went on to become one of my and Tony’s (separately) all-time classics. He actually included it in his “Best Of” series”.

Now since you you will be busy with your work in whatever country you are in and we will be with Jay Abraham and some of the top online marketers world wide, we have permission to share the audio interview Anthony Robbins had with Jay for your success.

The entire two-hour-long, final version is our gift to you passed down from Jay Abraham.
No strings. No cost. No action to take. Just go here and get the download here. Why are we doing this? Why not? The content is exceedingly high value that he shares.

Jay contribute’s some classic concepts and strategies that all of you would benefit from revisiting. Tony twists and turns them in inspired ways you deserve to hear. Hopefully, if you’ve never listened to this, it’ll favorably impact your business too. Or, if you’ve already heard it – but not re-listened for awhile – it will reanimate your passion for doing all that you need to know or heard before.

Hopefully, THIS gesture will prove a worthwhile investment of your time listening as I know Jay loves contributing generously to other peoples’ business success.

Again, here’s where you get the download – free of all strings:
Anthony Robbins interviews Jay Abraham

Also another bonus we would like to share are Jay’s two latest books. If you want to buy them instead simply go to
They are worth their weight in gold if you implement the ideas and strategies. Or buy through your Amazon account.

So here to you are gratis gifts from Jay to us to you.

There’s nothing to do except download both books – and find time to read 🙂 at 30 seconds a page thats 4.5 hours of study time.
Sticking Point Solutions
Getting Everything New
(Right Click the Links and Choose “Save As” if you have problems downloading)

Happy reading and reaping more business.


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