Tear the firewalls down – tongue in cheek

 Tear the firewalls down – add policy, add Social CRM. Yes tongue in cheek, in an IT  industry article in 2010,  I said ‘Tear the firewalls down.’

It was a provocative headline as I wanted CIO’s and their companies to shake themselves from the ‘We don’t want Social Media, it’s not relevant, it will ruin the brand, it’s a bad policy to allow staff to access it, they will waste productivity’. I wanted them to think through alternatives and hash it out in their teams, in readiness for change.

The Channel Social CRM by Jenny Wilmshurst Tweet Twins Social MediaDid I mean that I thought companies should not have firewalls? No no no – not at all! I actually do have a sense of humour! I’m sure the CIO’s who read it would have a sense of humour about it too. Hence the cheekiness.

I’ve been around some of the biggest and smallest businesses in NZ – so the reality of firewall issues was close to home.

If you have read any of our work for companies you’d know that recommending best practice based on research is one thing I strive to encourage the adoption of. Nothing dangerous in that.

Please do make comment on what your company is or has decided to do about Social Media policy? about Social Media CRM & ROI tools?

Written by Jenny Wilmshurst, an Auckland Social Media pioneer, Social Media consultant, Social Media speaker


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