Summary of 5 Facebook changes

Summary of  5 Facebook changes over the last month or two that affect the way we use and interact on Facebook:

1. New admin settings: it is now possible to post as a page (a brand) or as a personal profile. This is controlled from the Account section. This means that a page can interact with content on other pages as the brand page. Formerly only personal profiles could engage. So now we can ‘like’ other pages, see their activity in our news feed, and vice versa.

2. Navigation for pages has now moved to left hand side, just as it is for personal profiles.

3. Photos or your page’s media gallery shows above the wall

Facebook IFrames

4. Posts’ position on the wall. New algorithms sort page content, including by popularity (as opposed to origin, or recency, as at present).

5. FBML out IFrames in. Facebook cancelled the use of FMBL (Facebook’s HTML – the language used to programme Facebook) to Iframes. So the way custom reveal tabs and custom landing pages has changed. A raft of free and paid tools have hot the market to help marketers create new IFrames landing pages. Typically the reveal tabs and custom landing pages were used together to build opt in lead capture into Facebook Pages.

Written by Jenny Wilmshurst, Tweet Twins Social Media


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