Wildfire releases new IFrames reveal tab app

Wildfire releases new IFrames reveal tab app, as a solution to Facebook ceasing Reveal Tabs (that use FBML) as of March 10th 2011.

Google Trends shows headlines like Facebook simplifies privacy, Facebook refines search tools, Salesforce deepens ties with Facebook, a new makeover for Facebook. I bet the latest will be about solutions to Facebook ceasing reveal tabs (aka fan gates and custom landing pages) as of March 10th 2011.

Wildfire, who is famed as the approved software supplier for creating promotions on Facebook, has come up with a solution. Wildfire has already released a free Wildfire fan gate reveal tab application that uses IFrames rather than the code formerly used by Facebook (FBML) for custom landing pages, reveal tabs and the like.

Here’s what Wildfire says about their IFrames reveal tab app:
‘When Facebook officially makes the switch on March 10th from FBML to iFrames there’ll be a lot of great benefits for fan page owners, including greater flexibility in terms of design and functionality. But it does create a pretty major challenge for the hundreds of thousands of fan page owners who’ve relied on Facebook’s FBML app to display a ‘fan gate’ (otherwise known as a ‘reveal tab’) on their Fan page.

On March 10th Facebook will stop supporting its FBML app, and on this day it will no longer be possible to create new FBML-based fan gates. Fortunately, Wildfire has a solution. We’ve created an easy-to-use, FREE iFrames application for Facebook pages that enables any business to easily create their own fan gate, in addition to attractive image and HTML-based landing pages.

CLICK HERE to read Wildfire’s detailed blog post about Wildfire’s new iFrames solution, and try it soon— it’s FREE for the first three months!

Written by Jenny Wilmshurst, Tweet Twins Social Media, Speaker, trainer, Social Media ROI app provider


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