Where is the good news?

Is there any good news? England is on severe terrorist alert, floods the size of France and Germany combined sweep thru Queensland in Australia, Maria Sharapova gets knocked out of the tennis tournament in Auckand, Governments are considering taxing imports on online purchases, the USA economy continues to spiral downwards with its flakey currency and 1000’s spent Xmas in airports.

Oh and a new form of riots are happening …food riots as food continues to trend upwards in price and shortages placing pressure on households worldwide.

There is a  good news story though that had me smiling. If you have ever visited the USA, the land of plenty, big cars and everything over the top, you like me might have been perturb to see the unemployed hanging out at street corners with a sign for food, a job or otherwise.  Such was the case of one gentleman who had been in the down and outside of life for a number of years and was now trying to rectify his luck as best as he could.

Now what I think, his story shows is that marketing, communication and exposure has truely turned on its head on the last few years and the change is only really just starting.

So getting back to the cross roads where Ted Williams would hang out, here is a   bedraggled homeless chap, who doe not have a broad band plan, and all the hi tech gear many have, let alone a web site and his personal blog, but he had a couple of things, a desire and a voice, and not just any voice, but a perfect pitched radio voice. He had no online strategy, forecast, Facebook account or Twitter followers and yet social media and a video has revolutionised his life all in the same week.

One of my very early forays into video was in the early 80’s when I had a video production company and so was intimately aware of the power of video. The productions I produced had one very primary motive, to have the client in tears as they reflected on their wedding…and no not because  the video might have been lacking in quality  … just in case that thought had crossed your mind 🙂

And so Ted Williams became the fortunate beneficiary of a passing motorist who had a mobile camera phone, Youtube account and happened to chance upon Williams..the rest as they say is history and international fame, but for Ted Williams something more important..a good solid paid job in the radio broadcasting industry.

On Monday, a 98-second video of Mr Williams shot by Doral Chenoweth, a reporter for the local newspaper, was uploaded to You Tube. In it, he described his life and times, in a manner remarkable for just one thing: his voice.

If you ever wondered if video was for you and could enhance your company, profile, perception by clients and searchers then Ted Williams story is one of many that you should take notice of people who unwittingly found or benefited from the power of video.

In my case in the latter half of 2010 HoloDesk was launched on a zero budget online video that has drawn inquiries and sales worldwide.

Williams has been catapulted into celebrity, offered homes, jobs and advertising contracts, and plastered across news bulletins, normally after the words: “and finally…”

Yesterday, the 53-year-old former DJ found himself in a New York TV studio, where his deep vowel sounds welcomed viewers of NBC to the Today programme.

Now smartly dressed and clean-shaven, he then carried out a string of media appearances, did some commercial voiceover work, and, in front of a crowd of journalists, enjoyed a tearful reunion with his 90-year-old mother, Julia.
Now in all of this The Dispatch who have claimed copyright to the video posted on Youtube clearly has missed a opportunity to capitalise on the viewer traffic by making it no longer available.

Neverthless you can view it here and here.

If anything you should take from this story, video production behind and in front of the camera should be in your 2011 marketing and online strategy.

If you have experienced the power of online video fee free to leave a comment. We will review these and publish those that meet our journalism standards.

Posted by Kevin Andreassend, TweetTwins co-founder and techpreneur at ICE AV Technology Ltd


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