CMO’s Imperative Boston Consulting Group

‘CMO’s Imperative’ written by the  Boston Consulting Group is a result of  research in 201o. It is a great read and an idea tool for anyone planning and optimising Social Media campaigns and branding. It looks at the future trends and effects of Social Media, mobile marketing, TV and online video, print media and the tablet, measured media as well as the challenges and opportunities for marketers.

Online Marketing options continue to be as enticing as the ‘Top Shelf’ of great goodies!

CMO Imperative Boston Consulting Group Online Media Mix P8

CMO Imperative Boston Consulting Group Online Media Mix P8

What I find interesting is one of the conclusions on Page 24 of the CMO Imperative: that few in the USA find the planning process for Social Media and Mobile very effective. There is a lack of confidence in allocating budgets as well as planning processes between both traditional and digital. I also see keeness to plan, integrate and report ROI across multiple channels.

Social Media CMO research feedback on planning Social Media

'CMO Imperative' Social Media CMO research feedback on planning Social Media: Boston Consulting Group Planning Social Media P 24

There have been 2 key problems I’ve observed globally: preparation for Social Media and measuring Social Media ROI. Over these last months I’ve been enhancing the strategy components of Tweet Twins’  ‘Hands On with Social Media’ workshops to enable CEO’s and marketers to plan for Social Media launches better.

Like me – have you experienced the challenges of developing proposals or creating a business case that includes ROI forecasting or reporting? Out of integrity and professionalism, I regard it vital to be able to report these.

Having experienced Social ROI BEFORE starting to teach and consult in Social Media, I knew that the industry taunts of 2008 to 2010 that ‘Social Media does not produce ROI’ was utttery untrue.

If you want a valueable tool to not only measure your ROI but also to tweek your Social Media work – we need to talk. Let’s arrange an ROI app demo.

I was wondering what your thinking about Social Media ROI is. What tools are you using to report KPI’s and ROI?

You can download ‘CMO’s Imperative’ by Boston Consulting Group at


By Jenny Wilmshurst, Social Media Speaker, Social Media Consutant at Tweet Twins Social Media


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