mERRy cHRIStmaS anD HappY new yEAr

Well the year has ripped by at a speed that seems to be a new time record. How was 2010 for you?

One thing I know is that Social Media implementation is not an option. If you are in business and not using or planning to use Social Media then in the words of a former Kodak Marketing manager in the USA, you need to. It is a message that the Tweet Twins have said from the very beginning of our formation that Social Media is the great leveller. Perhaps you feel frustrated if you do not understand it, or cannot figure out how to monetize Facebook, your blog, or know about tools like Tubemogul or leverage from  article marketing. We want to help you bridge the gap between pondering Social Media and getting ready for ‘go live’.

So if you have not made a commitment to grasping social media with both hands then take heart, you have only lost 12 months since last Christmas. However that can be like a life time on the net.  So we encourage you to discover what Social Media works well for you as you before 2011 really gets underway.

Here is our Xmas entertainment for you. At the end of this post is a free gift you can access we want to pass on. Think of it as a lucky dip and if you want to use video then this will really help you in your endeavours with Social Media and Video.

Posted by Kevin Andreassend, TweetTwins co-founder and techpreneur at ICE AV Technology Ltd


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