Does Social Media have a role in the crazed high energy world of dance music?

“Absolutely” says HoloDesk founder and developer, Kevin Andreassend.

With Europe gripped in a snow blizzard running an international music tour brings it own share of headaches and MTV star and master of the dance floor, Joel Zimmerman, more commonly known as Deadmau5, knows that the smallest and biggest detail can bringing everything to a crashing halt. The ramifications of cancelling performances, delayed starts, faulty equipment, dissappointed fans are all aspects that need to be micro managed to get them over the hurdles.

Deadmau5 experienced one of those OMG moments when he discovered earlier this week he needed a special firewire cable for his rig setup for the evening concert in Cardiff. His legions of fans world wide, would have been unaware of the stress levels leading up to the concert when Deadmau5 realised his “we have a problem Houston”

An urgent request via Deadmau5’s Facebook account “deadmau5 hey cardiff… umm… does anyone have a firewire 800 to 400 cable? kinda um… need it for the show tonight. … please? lol

will dosh out tix. December 13 at 9:19am”
An avid fan saw the SOS came to the rescue and saved the Cardiff  concert.

This admirably demonstrates how a major entertainment business can connect with one individual whom it does not even know of, and shows the power of one person listening to his channel.

Deadmau5 will be playing a NZ developed and built 74 inch Holodesk (touch screen enabled DJ mix unit) at the Earls Court Concert on 18 December.  This new IT product development is by TweetTwins Co-Founder Kevin Andreassend through Kevin’s company ICE AV. It all had its beginning with a YouTube video and now is in demand with DJ’s world wide.

Posted by Kevin Andreassend, TweetTwins co-founder and techpreneur at ICE AV Technology Ltd

Post script by Jenny Wilmshurst: In this launch, Tweet Twins used Social Media; influencer, forum & video marketing to achieve buzz, and rapid response virally response. Technology like this is being used as the next generation of Social Media and interactivity combo’s – the future of Social Media.


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