How can you get to Google page 1 for your local search and keyword terms?

Are you determined to make the most of Local search in 2011 and beyond?

What is Local Social Search?

Local Social SEO Search & Mobile empowers people to share knowledge and information using a range of online methods in various locations, whether they are organisations and communities or individuals.

What would it include?

It combines traditional directories, SEO, with the power of social networking, social media (think non written), and can even include mobile.  It  can include a mix of paid search (like Ad words based on locations) or SEO search. and I call it Local-Social-SEO-Mobile optimisation.

Local search is about using keywords to get to page 1 of relevant search engines e.g. Google so that your company shows up in search engines locally. 

Businesses have the ability to do some of local seaerch tasks for themselves. However not many local businesses have all the tools and skill sets in-house to create the entire range of online content and online presence necessary. To get the best online results a good media mix is required.

What it does NOT include?

It does not include 500 irrelevant directories globally to improve your searchability (or irrelevant Social Media. It will use those that your local market can relate to and find you on.

An example of irrelevant local search. Recently I got a call from a company claiming to provide a $700 package for $99 for local search. It included registration on a few NZ directories. Great!), plus submission to 500 global directories and Digg (questionable mix).

Let’s think this through

To a person not in online marketing it sounds like an awesome opportunity – just think of the numbers! Just stop right there!

  • Do 500 global directories have any relevance to local NZers buying locally?
  • Do NZers trust global directories?
  • What will NZers really want if they search for a local company?
  • Is there ability to provide quality info on these directores?

Submission to 500 will get you into approximately 200-300 irrelevant directories. Some will show in the search engines. It is possible for an online company to submit quickly to 500 directories if using the right tools. There are risks also.

Trust is a huge factor online. NZers would use convenient, known information sources. We are weary of the unknown. Several NZ directories provide opportunities to post high quality information.

The major players are earnest to serve quality local information to NZ’s local communities.

Today prospects and customers search for recommendations, detailed product information, the people behind the company brand, easy ways to research online through most of the buying cycle. A pure listing does not do that.

Use of Digg? Well it is a unique way to serve local product and brand information. It is a well-known and trusted Social Media tool. I’d be interested in feedback and local case studies from NZ SEO consultants.

Review of the offer

This prompted me to consider what I’d put into a Local-Social-SEO-mobile package. I would NOT include any of these offered by the telemarketer. The options proposed would be in the lowest of local online marketing priorities.

It came across like a gimic (a scam even, dare I say it!) and the staff were woefully illprepared for my questions. One claimed to receive monies directly from search engines for placing free listings! That really made me suspicious.

With the domain name I searched for the company behind the promo. It was connected with a hotmail address and quoted a brand name  (maybe a trading name). I searched for the company’s registration at the companies.govt.nz. No such company but it could be trading as a sole trader, Joint Venture or a partnership.  All are legitmate. However, a search on Google revealed zippo. The mix did not inspire confidence.

A start up can compensate by building a variety of quality online content in order to be verifiable. That company had NO trust source and was NOT findable. If it were findable and had thought leadership or quality information available it would look more trustworthy.

All in all if you want to provide your prospects and clients with  quality local search information and use an online local search consultant to help you, you will not pay as low as $99,!

Determined to maximise your local findability (local search)?

Many local or multi-site business want to learn how to maximise online opportunities to prevent losing business, reaching Google page 1 and include Social Media. Is your business one of them?

Are you determined to be on Google’s page 1 for chosen local & industry search keywords that also combines Social Media?

For a more holistic Local Marketing Plan that maximises a range of online options, contact Jenny at Tweet Twins Social Media

Are you determined to be on Google’s page 1 for chosen local industry search keywords that also combines Social Media?

Written by Jenny Wilmshurst, Tweet Twins Social Media, Social Media Speaker, Social Media trainer, NZ Social Media veteran, Social Media Consultant for a down to earth practical yet strategic approach


3 thoughts on “Local-Social-Seo-Mobile

  1. Luigi Cappel says:

    AA Maps has a feature called Add Your Business For Free which you can access by clicking a banner on the home page.

    It gives you a free listing on the AA Maps website (which includes the ability to be found in proximity search on that site). It also gives you automatic inclusion on car nav databases including Navman and TomTom. It gives you a free dynamic web map on your web page and driving directions from anywhere in New Zealand. It also gets you included in 3rd party apps like AA Tourism’s new free iPhone App Xplr. Relevant and did I mention all free:)

  2. Mark Lincoln says:

    A nice post. Facebook and Twitter have been mentioned by SEOs recently as being able to generate weight for your placing within Google results.

    Generally, as Google is becoming more and more about freshness and community, I’d imagine that any reference to your website within social media is a good thing at this stage.

    As for directories, there’s certainly a lot to be said for quality over quantity. Rather than submit to hundreds at once (which looks very un-natural) it would be best to choose some select relevant and high authority directories in which to place your listing.

    Obviously, being from NZS.com, I’m slightly biased towards our own directory! But we have had some great feedback from a number of New Zealand website designers that specifically state they have tested a number of directories for the websites that they create and they’ve had some top results for placement in the NZS.com directory 🙂

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