Who’s Viewed My Profile – Linkedin

Who’s Viewed My Profile on LinkedIn is one of the great features you can use to extend your professional networks.

What is ‘Who’s Viewed My Profile’?

On your main page, this feature will tell you how many times you have shown up in search results for the past day. It will also show how many times your profile has been viewed for the day. By clicking on the highlighted statistic you will be directed to your profile’s Stats and Trends page.  You can see how many times your profile has appeared in searches and how many times your profile has been visited.

LinkedIn leverage of 'Who Viewed My Profile' www.TweetTwins.com

How do I leverage ‘Who’s Viewed My Profile’?

LinkedIn has recently enabled profile names to show. This means that you know the names of some visitors. What next?

  • If they are in the same group you can have a chat together by email.
  • Ask how you can be helpful to them. If you can help them solve a problem, meet a need or be the service they are looking for it is a match.
  • Maybe you can brainstorm together.

It doesn’t always need to be about the sale but your interaction does need to be purposeful to achieve mutual objectives.  Invite them to connect with you.

Posted by Jenny Wilmshurst, Co-Founder of Tweet Twins Social Media, Relationship networks, Innovation, Interactivity, ROI analytics


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