How to Organise your Social Media contacts

How to organise your Social Media contacts into a database is a question I have been asked.

What are the reasons for organising your Social Media databases of contacts? 

What are useful ways to organise your SocialMedia contacts:

 LinkedIn professional network connections, Twitter  followers, Facebook fans, and contacts?  


We are now exposed to so many people who we meet on and offline.

In our networking we gather contacts on various social networking sites. As of our connections grow we need to see our contacts as part of our business building laptop or success strategy. How do we pull them all together on your desktop or laptop?

Here is how to create a basic contact management strategy, stay connected and organized from your desktop to your phone, and give you some insight onto how to expand your network.

1. Organising tiers of relationships

 Our relationships range from family, to friends, to associates, to acquaintances and everyone in between. In order to organize your database, you need to have specific categories in mind. Consider things like the strength of your relationship, how important the relationship is to you, the last time you connected with them, three things about them, what company they work for, their location, and their contact information (e-mail, phone, address, LinkedIn). You can use a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, an Access Database, or a CRM package to help manage your contacts, using these columns. One useful package is GEM as it is a relational database which mimics real life connections.

GEM relational database CRM NETWORK Relationship Management


2. How to save contacts to your desktop

Export your contacts so that you have a copy on your desktop in an Excel file.  Here is how to save your social friends, contacts, and followers on your desktop:

Facebook: There is no direct way to access contact details on Facebook. Create or use your existing Yahoo! e-mail account and import your Facebook friends into your address book. Then download the .CSV file to your desktop.

LinkedIn: Log into LinkedIn, go to“connections”. At the bottom of the page, see “export connections.” From the next screen, download the .CSV file to your desktop.

Twitter: You cannot view Twitter followers’ email addresses or phone numbers. You can download a .CSV file of 100 of your followers to your desktop by using Twitter Export. The information in the spreadsheet will be the name, user name, follower and following count, and their bios.

How to Organise Social Media Connections

3. Virtual backup

You can also backup your social data at a fee: Complete list of services Backupify provides are found at

3. Here is why you’d create off-Social Network databases: 

  Relying on other networks’ tools and systems to maintain access to your database is always a risk. Keeping an electronic and printed back up of your database is important. So if, for some reason, your social media profile disappears, is removed entirely, or the social network collapses and you lose everything, you’ll be protected regardless. Try to get in the habit of exporting your contacts so that you have a copy on your desktop in an Excel file.


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