A Sinister Gmail Scam

Today a sinister spam scam alert arrived in one of my Googlemail accounts.

It seems that either the alerts are from banks indicating they have been targeted and warning people to never divulge their login and accounts details or from others pretending to be a bank and to click on bogus bank web sites.

Now this one on first appearance could very easily  catch out millions world wide, but do not believe what at first seems to be a genuine alert from Google mail support services.

My first reaction when I first read it was of slight annoyance as the gmail in question is an important address used for general business communication.  My first check was to see the originating email address and it certainly does not appear to be from an official Google Support desk.  You can easily check the origination address for any email by looking in the header information…. Note typically you can not normally see this. In Gmail it is an option next to the reply button.  Keep yourself safe by knowing how to check the header details as it is one of the fundamental aspects of using email and keeping yourself protected.

I could see that this was a phishing attack email requesting:

Gmail address


Telephone number.

NEVER NEVER NEVER give this information to anyone and be careful that you never get caught off guard and accidentally devulge this info. With this information the bas#%^$rds could easily assume my identity, drain my Swiss bank accounts, troll through my details and gather an enormous amount of business intelligence.

Gmail Phishing scam

The above is the screen shot from the mail account.

I automatically sent a phishing attack alert to Google upon which the system automatically removed it from my account.

Can you imagine the damage that could occur if someone had access to your email account. Your fall out and repercussions could be a Wikigate headache.

Posted by Kevin Andreassend, Tweet Twins co-Partner, Managing Director of ICE AV Technology Ltd


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