Beach Walk, Page Rank and Alexa Rank

Tweet Twins Whatipu Auckland NZ

Tweet Twins Jenny & family at Auckland's West Coast paradise, Whatipu & Tasman Sea, New Zealand

A walk on the beach led to Page Rank and Alexa Rank revelations on the Tweet Twins blog. How? Web metrics was my curiosity today.

There are some things about our blog site I hadn’t checked in such a long time as we have spent our time on developing quality relevant content, re-working our market offerings, Senior Management training and getting some very exciting launches out.

Sometimes when you are in the thick of activity it gets hard to see the wood for the trees. Taking a look at the trees with a bit of distance is very refreshing.

On Friday, my family and I did that physically, with a trek out to the most beautiful West Auckland coastline of black sands, extensive sand dunes, and tides that trek many hundreds of feet to the Tasman Sea (like an extension of the Pacific Ocean to Australia). Fresh air. Fresh mind. Invigorated souls!

Maybe a quiet ideal site for U2 after their fast paced 360 concert? Bono says of New Zealand:  ‘It’s been a long romance with this wild and extraordinary country…’ ‘Words from One Tree Hill: ”…oh great ocean, oh great sea’ U2 you rock!

Tweet Twins Whatipu Auckland NZ

Stunning ocean walk views at Auckland's West Coast Whatipu, New Zealand

Tweet Twins Jenny Auckland's Hunua & Tasman Sea, New Zealand

Tweet Twins' Jenny & family view the Tasman Sea from Hunua en route to Whatipu, Auckland NZ

Then psychologically I was refreshed for the next round of internet.

I happened to get my Firefox toolbar back into action and checked out a few Social Media and entertainment sites for Page Rank (how important the site is to search engines), Alexa (traffic ranking).

I compared these with several local high-profile internet and Social media sites.While most were in the 2 and 3 million traffic ranking, and the sites that were at least 4 years old were Page Rank 4. Ours was Page  3,  a much younger site and an even younger domain. It has an Alexa Rank of 898,544. All in the space of 16 months’ publishing. The local Kiwi sites were ranked 2.5x less. I’m still puzzled by such a vast difference. Maybe it is due to the inbound links and blog commenting.

And yes it may be going through your mind ‘those are internet measures not Social Media measures’. True. The focus has been on social, so web stats are aspects I’d not taken notice of until recently.

It was the refreshing (get out of the woods to see the trees) and a pat on the back after being head down for so long. What have you found refreshing in your business of late?

Alexa Traffic Tweet Twins Social Media Nov 2010


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