Video Skips and slow buffering speeds

 Video skips and buffering speeds are a bane to online viewing. It can be so frustrating to wait while a video pauses in mid-view to buffer. The process of delivering video to your browser is a complex one. It can be very erratic, changing drastically from one second to the next. In a video I recently saw, the video viewing speed ranged from a slow pace of 371 kbps (kilobytes per second)to a nice 2003 kbps to 900.

Want to see your speed right now? Go to, drop down below the graphs, and click the Show Test Video link.

Here are some suggestions to prevent or decerease video skips and slow buffering speeds. Therefore this will  improve your download speeds (info courtesy  of a fellow US Social Media marketer):

1.Remove multi-tasking on your internet line. If three other people in your house are trying to download music, watch videos and talk on their VOIP phones while you’re trying to watch a video, everyone’s speed will be significantly reduced.

2.Turn off auto-pinging of internet services, like email, chat services, and other services that automatically access online data.

3.Remove VOIP and move your phone to mobile or landline services because VOIP services utilise your Internet bandwidth to operate.

4.Upgrade your bandwidth with your ISP. Many ISP’s are now offering tiered service levels, allowing you to pay more for higher bandwidth, rather than just upgrading their entire network. In USA, you can buy a faster speed for a few extra dollars per month. You also may find that you can get significantly better bandwidth by shifting to a totally different ISP for your service.

5.Shift your video viewing to less popular times. Weekends and nights are high demand times. Shifting your video viewing times to less popular hours may give you cleaner lines and have a better viewing experience.

6.When given an option, choose to access videos from a server that is closer to you than farther away.

7.If online speed is mission critical to your work, consider getting an additional Internet line just for your mission-critical tasks. The relatively small increase in costs may well be justified in higher productivity and decreased frustration.

8.If online speed is mission critical to your work, try moving to a different location (closer to the backbone of the Internet), or at least one that gives you multiple different internet access options.

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